Rockstar Acquires the Team Behind FiveM and RedM Mods

Merging between Rockstar and development team of FiveM and RedM surely means something for the future of the new Rockstar titles in the work.

By AtillaTuran, Posted 11 Aug 2023

Everyone wants to know about the future of Grand Theft Auto, there is no doubt about that. What makes people impatient is the fact that Rockstar really likes to keep themselves quiet until their next installment is out of the development cycle. Recently, a hacker exposed and leaked some videos, screenshots, and detailed info about the upcoming Grand Theft Auto game, and Rockstar was surely not happy about the matter, at all.

While the situation hasn’t been solved yet, Rockstar announced a merger, or rather an acquisition, of a well-known Grand Theft Auto modding client’s development team. The development team, called, is active since 2015 and provides players with very different experiences for both GTA V and RDR.

FiveM and RedM, which runs on SourceSDK, is a mod that allows people to play GTA V and Red Dead Redemption online. Unlike the vanilla multiplayer that Rockstar provides within those titles, this client runs on the single-player mode of the said games and can be modified to an endless amount thanks to its very flexible modding and server support.

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Most of the FiveM and RedM servers are themed around roleplaying, racing, and surprisingly enough, a co-op mode of story modes. Since the games are extremely open for modding, these servers include custom game mods, vehicles, voice chat, and other modifications that the current online part of these titles lacks. Not to say GTA: Online and Red Dead Redemption Online are bad feats, however, having full control of players for the server is a neat feature and allows everyone to enjoy the game in their own, personal way.

After the official announcement published on Rockstar’s social media accounts, some people were happy and some people were rather distant to this decision. For both of their credit, this announcement has both good and bad sides when you think about it deeply. On the good side, the addition of FiveM and RedM’s creators and their overall game engine knowledge will immensely help with the progress of the next game.

When we take a look at the negative side of this announcement, the future of these mods could be taken to another part entirely by Rockstar. This could ultimately lead to strict rules, limitations to some parts of the mods, and overall control of the mod by Rockstar. As we all know, some odd decisions made by Rockstar and their parent company, Take2 Interactive, have led to some backfires. These include the horrendous remake of the trilogy, and recently the announcement of Red Dead Redemption for the Switch and PlayStation consoles with no multiplayer and 50 dollar price tag.

Even though the negatives sound very dark for the future of FiveM and RedM, the motive of Rockstar is currently unknown. Therefore it is everyone’s guess on what we could expect from the addition of FiveM developers in the future.

Atilla Turan (@burningarrow)
Editor, NoobFeed

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