Final Fantasy VII Rebirth Might Be Missing A Major Character

Sadly, it would appear that Vincent Valentine will not be returning as a fully-playable character.

By DShelley, Posted 22 Sep 2023

Vincent Valentine is probably one of the most iconic Final Fantasy VII characters, he's dark, he's badass and he has a cool gun. Since he was first introduced, Vincent soon became a fan favorite character, and he will be Returning in Final Fantasy VII Rebirth. Unfortunately, he won't be playable. 

Vincent first appeared in the original Final Fantasy VII game as an optional party member, players could obtain the former Turk by completing a padlock minigame and defeating the Lost Number boss. Despite how easily it was to miss him, he has certainly cemented his image and now, we will once again have a chance to see the vampire-like character in full HD glory.

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Vincent Valentine will be making an appearance in Final Fantasy VII Rebirth, the next game in the Final Fantasy VII Remake trilogy. The game will continue where Final Fantasy VII Remake left off, with the Buster Sword Wielding Cloud Strife and friends escaping Midgar hot on the tail of Sephiroth. Many suspected that the next game would take us to the Shinra Manor, the location where Vincent is sealed away and it would appear that their suspicions were true… Well almost true.

In the most recent trailer, we got to see the red cape wearing Vincent Valentine escape from his iconic coffin shaped prison. Many long-time fans believe that Matt Mercer will be bringing the character to life, you may know him for voicing characters such as Cole Cassidy from Overwatch or from Critical Role. Matt is known for voicing gruff and deep voiced characters, which makes Vincent Valentine is a perfect match for him.

There are currently a lot of rumors going around surrounding Vincent, but sadly, one thing we know for sure is that despite making an appearance, he will not be a playable party character. According to Director, Naoki Hamaguchi, Vincent will be completely AI controlled much like Red XIII in Final Fantasy VII Remake. He then went on to say "in terms of whether or not Vincent will be a playable character, he will be more of an accompanying character to the party in terms of Rebirth”, it seems that the vampiric gunner will take a very different role than in the original game.

While this news might not be exactly what fans were hoping for, at least he will be making an appearance. Vincent Valentine will not be the only AI controlled character as it has also been confirmed that Cod Highwind will also be an AI-assist character. There is good news for fans of Red XIII as in Final Fantasy VII Rebirth, he will be a fully controllable character

Daman Shelley (@UndeadandTired)
Editor, NoobFeed

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