Hideo Kojima Shares Some Interesting Details About Upcoming Game, OD

Hideo Kojima compared his upcoming game, OD, to more “experimental” titles from the Gameboy and DS.

By DShelley, Posted 07 Jan 2024

As of late, things have become quite stagnant in the game industry; developers no longer want to try new things, and no one wants to take risks, except for Hideo Kojima. The director for Kojima Productions has given us some insight into his upcoming title, OD, and has even compared the game to his Boktai games originally made for the GameBoy Advance and Nintendo DS. Saying that OD is "just as different".

Despite how strange and mysterious the game is, we have known about it for some time now. OD, rumored to stand for Overdose, is an upcoming horror game that Kojima Productions will develop in collaboration with Jordan Peele and Xbox Game Studios. This collaboration was first announced in June 2022. When it was first announced, Hideo Kojima said this new game would harness Microsoft's cutting-edge cloud technology.

OD game, Hideo Kojima

Despite us knowing that OD was in development, information on the game is incredibly scarce, with the only bit of information found in the game's trailer, which was shown off at The Game Awards 2023. As mentioned earlier, the collaboration would involve writer and director Jordan Peele, who went on stage and explained his involvement in the game's development. Jordan Peele won't be the only celebrity involved in the project, as the game will star Sophia Ellis, Hunter Schafer, and Udo Kier. Kojima has reiterated that OD will be more "experimental" than his previous titles, including Death Stranding and Boktai.

We first learned of OD's experimentalist nature when Kojima shared a tweet on his Twitter page. In this post, the developer acknowledged that he's creating games that "go against the current of the times" and that OD will be "just as different" as the ones we've seen from his previous games. It should be noted that Hideo Kojima specifically compares OD to his most experimental game series to date, Boktai, which was made for the Nintendo DS and GameBoy Advance. While this series wasn't directly mentioned, it was heavily implied to be the series due to their incredibly experimental mechanics.

While experimenting in gaming can be a breath of fresh air, in the case of Hideo Kojima, the director can take things a little too far, as seen by how divisive the reception to Death Stranding was. Even then, it's still incredibly exciting to see what the famed developer has in store for players, especially with the involvement of Jordan Peele.

Daman Shelley (@UndeadandTired)
Editor, NoobFeed

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