Secret Patch Buffs Ana and Nerfs McCree

Guess it's no longer High Noon

By Grayshadow, Posted 27 Jul 2016

Overwatch developers have delivered a new patch to reduce the chances for players picking McCree, but encourage players to try Ana.

The update is now available on PC and will come to PS4 and Xbox One. 

“While Ana has been very well received, she was showing to be a little bit weaker overall. In addition to helping her feel better to play, these changes should also increase her healing and damage output,” Blizzard said.

The second major addition is the reduction of McCree's power, specifically at range.

“This change weakens his long range damage somewhat, but still keeps it stronger than it has been in the recent past. The other changes combine to allow him to land more alternate fire shots on targets that he has hit with Flashbang.”

Here are the complete list of changes:

Ana balance changes

Biotic Rifle

Rate of fire increased by 20%

Magazine size increased from 8 to 10

McCree balance changes


Primary Fire

- Damage falloff range decreased by 10 meters

- Damage falloff amount is unchanged

- As a result, even with this change, McCree’s effective range is still higher than it was at launch

Alternate Fire

- Rate of fire increased by 15%


- Recovery time (i.e. the amount of time before McCree can fire again) decreased from 0.5 seconds to 0.35 seconds

Bug Fixes


- Targets of Ana’s Sleep Dart will no longer instantly recover when damaged (recovery time is now 0.5 seconds)

- User Interface

- Fixed UI compatibility issues for ATI cards

- Fixed a bug that would sometimes cause Lúcio, Mei, and other models to only partially render (or disappear)

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