New Stretch Goals for The Banner Saga 3 Revealed

More content coming to The Banner Saga 3, with more promised

By Grayshadow, Posted 05 Feb 2017

In 6 days after launching their campaign for The Banner Saga 3 Stoic has released new goals for The Banner Saga 3.

The Banner Saga 3,NoobFeed,Stoic,

The Banner Saga 3,NoobFeed,Stoic,

Survival Mode, which tests your tactical skills in increasingly difficult fights, and the Return of Ubin. The Survival Mode will allow the player to choose from 6 heroes from the Banner Saga's 40 heroes with each victory giving you items. As you progress new heroes will join to replace dead ones and those who remain alive will get upgraded.

The Return of Ubin was described in a short summary:

“Will Ubin return from his quest into the southren grasslands of Dalalond?”

“Will he fall with no skald to mark his passing or return triumphant to fight, shoulder to shoulder, as a Hero under your banner?

“His fate is in your hands!”

Stoic promises to provide more goals as the game gains more funding.

The Banner Saga 3 currently has no release date but it's listed for PC and Mac. The Banner Saga 2 did eventually come to consoles

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