Celebrating Steamworld Dig 2 Release With Giveaways

Start digging! We're giving away Steam copies for SteamWorld Dig.

By Admin, Posted 01 May 2017

Have you ever dreamed about being a robot in a place inspired by the Old West, whose only purpose is to dig through the earth? Neither have I, but it’s what the folks over at Image & Form were thinking about all the time a while back. That’s how I assume SteamWorld Dig came to be, at any rate. Initially released on the 3DS, it made its way over to PC in 2013. The game featured an interesting blend of excavation, character upgrading and fights which NoobFeed Chief Editor Daav was pretty fond of at the time (SteamWorld Dig Review). With its sequel, SteamWorld Dig 2, on the way for those who picked up a Nintendo Switch, we figured it’d be time to turn a couple of you into virtual robot miners.

Steamworld Dig 2,Giveaways

In order to get your hands on one of the Steam copies for SteamWorld Dig we’re giving away, all you have to do is let us know, down in the comments, what makes you want to play it. Why are you the best potential candidate for helping Rusty out and we shouldn’t just pick my cat, who’s chewing on some wires at the moment? Rumor has it, following us on Twitter will increase your chances to win a copy (You won’t be as awesome as my cat, though. You probably don’t even chew on wires.). Also, if you’re super creative, we’re willing to give you an invisible hat.

In case robots are your thing, but digging isn’t, you can check our SteamWorld Heist Review. It’s made by the same people, but instead of being a miner you’re a robot space outlaw. Not as exciting, I know.

Good luck!

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