Resident Evil 7's Director Explains Chris Redfield’s New Look

Guess it really is Chris Redfield

By Grayshadow, Posted 10 Dec 2017

Since the release of Resident Evil 7, one question has been vexing the fanbase, is the Chris Redfield from Resident Evil 7 really Chris Redfield? Theories ranging from him being a clone to this actually being HUNK is disguised have been argued, with Capcom adding fuel to the fire. The director, Koshi Nakanishi, has finally confirmed that this is indeed Chris Redfield.

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According to Nakanishi, the new look was due to photo-scan technology to create the characters this time around. In the past, Capcom would create the characters from hand with exaggerated features such as Chris's Resident Evil 6 massive arms. This time around realism took priority.

Fans are still unconvinced and believe that this is Capcom's way of misleading the community until the release of Not a Hero. Some are arguing that Chris working with Umbrella is the primary reason that this isn't Chris, and that's a valid concern. Chris hates Umbrella and even if they've changed management it's unlikely the hero from past Resident Evil games would join the corporation. Then again, it would be a make sense why Capcom would name the DLC "Not a Hero".

Resident Evil 7 is now available for Xbox One, PS4, and PC.

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