Overwatch just received a brand new update that added new cosmetics to the game and a new map. Now Jeff Kaplan has taken to YouTube to discuss how Blizzard is listening to community feedback and tuning the gameplay experience of Overwatch.


First off, Kaplan explained toxicity within the game has been reduced by 17% in competitive play thanks to the new feedback system with reported now up 20%. Kaplan went on to say that Blizzard is watching not only the in-game chat but on third-party sites like YouTube to look for toxic behavior.

In terms of hero balancing, Kaplan discussed that they're listening but to understand Blizzard is listening. However, statistics play a major role in determining changes and developer experience. Community feedback does play a major role but developers have to remain impartial and focus on what works for the entire game and not one community of gamers. 

Kaplan stated that new test is in development to balance the heroes. Mercy, who was voted by professional Overwatch players as the most hated hero, is also the most played hero in the game. Kaplan acknowledges that the resurrection ability needs work and they're actively looking into rebalancing Mercy. Kaplan also stated they won't be removing the hero from the competitive play which was recommended in an Overwatch League interview by professional players.

It looks like Junkrat will be changed. In the latest PTR test, he is still being fine-tuned but it seems that Junkrat's concussion mine will be changed to include fallout damage instead of 1 universal damage setting. This means players will have to aim precisely to cause the maximum amount of damage.

Hanzo was another topic Kaplan discussed, specifically his scattered arrow. He may have a new ability to replace scatter arrow.

Mei may get a boost due to her lack of being chosen, citing her involvement in the Overwatch League. But due to her polarizing abilities tuning her is difficult. 

Currently, Overwatch does have a new hero in development.

Overwatch is now available for Xbox One, PS4, and PC.

Adam Siddiqui, NoobFeed
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