Overwatch New Social Features Promotes Positive Players with Bonuses

New Overwatch systems coming soon

By Grayshadow, Posted 06 Jun 2018

Overwatch is one of the most actively supported games of this generation. Recently, director Jeff Kaplan detailed the new update coming to the class-based shooter with new systems to promote positive behavior voted by the community.

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The new system called Endorsements will allow players to reach ranks of Sportsmanship, Good Teammate, and Shot Caller to gain rewards but will lose the rank when temporarily banned or punished for leaving games too many times.

Another system discussed was Looking for Group. While not a fully realized options like found on Xbox Live this system will give players the chance to locate players with similar desires. This includes the ability to create a group, make it joinable, or show you a list to join. Players who host the group can control what Heroes players can choose or how to alter the group at will.

Kaplan also teased new changes to Horizon Lunar Colony, for example, the inability for attacking teams to attack the safe point in Point B.

Symmetra was another hot topic, with the hero getting a new update. This marks the second radical change to the hero since the game's launch.


New Abilities

Photon Projector

No longer locks onto targets

Range increased to 10 meters

Damage ramping now takes 2 seconds per damage level instead of 1 second

Damage ramp increased from 30/60/120 to 60/120/180

Now generates ammo instead of spending it when hitting a barrier

Other Heroes will also get changes but not to the same degree.

Overwatch is now available for Xbox One, PS4, and PC with the Anniversary Event still going on.

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