Metal Gear Survive Getting New Castlevania Music and Pyramid Head Accessory

Metal Gear Survive getting Silent Hill and Castlevania content

By Grayshadow, Posted 22 Oct 2018

This Tuesday Metal Gear Survive will get new horror-themed unlockables from Silent Hill and Castlevania.

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The update will add several new items and will be available until November 6th.

– Accessory: Pyramid Head

– Cassette Tape: [Silent Hill] Silent Hill
– Cassette Tape: [Castlevania Rondo of Blood] Divine Bloodlines
– Cassette Tape: [Castlevania Rondo of Blood] Beginning
– Cassette Tape: [Castlevania Symphony of the Night] The Tragic Prince

– Cassette Tape: [SUPER CONTRA] THUNDER LANDING (Arcade)
– Cassette Tape: [NEMESIS] Challenger 1985 (Arcade)
– Cassette Tape: [LIFE FORCE] Power of Anger (Arcade)
– Cassette Tape: [Bells & Whistles] Gift of the Wind (Arcade)
– Recipe: Advanced Weapon Workshop
– Recipe: Advanced Gear Workshop
– Recipe: Copper Statue
– Recipe: Wooden Tower
– Recipe: Moai
– Recipe: Medium Floodlight
– Recipe: Large Floodlight
– Recipe: Streetlight
– Recipe: Floodlight
– Recipe: Palm Tree
– Recipe: Cactus
– Recipe: Sign: “STOP”
– Recipe: Sign: “Beware of Animals”
– Recipe: LargeQuiver
– Recipe: MediumQuiver
– Recipe: SmallQuiver

Metal Gear Survive is now available for PS4, PC, and Xbox One.

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