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By Grayshadow, Posted 23 Aug 2012

When Transformers: War for Cybertron was released in 2010 it was met with great praise by both critics and consumers for being an incredible Transformers game. Now 2 years later its sequel, Transformers: Fall of Cybertron, the developers at High Moon Studios attempt to maintain that same level of excitement by refining the formula of the original. With an improved campaign, intense battles, and genuine characters from the Transformers universe Fall of Cybertron maintains the same value of its predecessor while delivering a fulfilling experience for action junkies and fans of the series.

Fall of Cybertron continues where War for Cybertron left off. Cybertron, home of the Transformers, have stopped producing the life giving material known as Energon as it begins to cleanse itself of Dark Energon. Now every all life on Cybertron struggles to survive as Energon levels continue to fall. Without any other options the Autobots attempt to leave the dying world through a portal in a vehicle known as the Ark but is attacked by Megatron and his Decepticons. After completing the tutorial mission you flash back six days before this event and take control of various Autobots and Decepticons as they attempt to destroy one another throughout the 13 chapters.

Those who played War for Cybertron will be able to pick up the controls easily. You still play from a third-person perspective and can shift between vehicle and humanoid-robot form. However new changes such as sprinting, dashing, and new equipment adds new mobile options. You will need all these abilities at your disposal as you tackle massive amounts of enemies throughout each mission. The enemies themselves are varied and range from simply drones to real mechanical destroyers that use whatever advantage they can. It’s a shame that most of the objectives aren’t as varied since most consist of defeating a set amount of enemies, defending, and moving from point A to point B. In rare instances you are treated to novel moments where large battlefields, with multiple layers, allow you to take utilize your abilities.

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The presentation of Fall of Cybertron is spectacular. When tackling a mission or watching Metroplex make mincemeat of the Decepticons you are exposed so some suitable musical scores. As for the Transformers themselves, each one is specifically designed and voiced to ensure that players will instantly be able to recognize and remember every character they come across.

Unlike War for Cybertron which had three Transformers fighting alongside one another, for cooperative play purposes, you will be tackling situations alone or with a computer partner. This new system means that you will no longer pick one of three Transformers, ensuring that the player will put specific abilities to good use such as Soundwave’s pets instead of simply blasting your way through levels with the character of your choice. Since these levels are designed for a specific character you won’t find much in the way of exploration. However since every character is richly design with a specific personality for the Transformers universe, you won’t care who you are controlling especially when you take control of Grimlock. Regardless of who you are controlling, or what side you’re fighting on, collected Energon scarps can be used to unlock weapons, temporary abilities, and upgrades for permanent use. The developers have also included audio logbooks and weapon blueprints that are hidden in each stage.

Transformers, Fall of Cybertron, Review, Trailer, More than meets the eye, Robots in disguise, Optimus Prime, Decepticon, Insecticon, Autobot, Dinobot

While the cooperative for the campaign was cut players can still play Escalation mode. This mode pits up to four players against fifteen waves of enemies as either Autobots or Decepticons. By defeating enemies players earn Energon shards which can be used to purchase upgrades, weapons, and open new areas. Players are encouraged to work together by pooling funds together to purchase certain upgrades and unlock areas. The maps themselves are multi layer deathtraps that require constant communication, especially since you can only choose one of four classes in each map that have significant abilities such as ammo supplies and healing devices. It is troublesome that no custom matchmaking option exist.

However those seeking human opponents can try the competitive options available. Fall of Cybertron host up to four modes that include team deathmatch, conquest, capture the flag, and headhunter. Although these modes don’t deviate from other games the ability to change form between robot and vehicle forms offers new strategies within each field of battle. The developers have removed killstreaks, instead players must collect special items in the field that hold special properties such as health regeneration and gravity bombs. As you complete matches, defeat players, and complete challenges you earn experience and new unlockable options such as weapons, abilities, and customizable options for the four classes available. Unlike Fall of Cybertron you aren’t limited to certain Transformers but can completely customize your own or select a premade model.

Transformers: Fall of Cybertron’s campaign can be complete in 6- 7 hours. While it isn’t as long as War for Cybertron the campaign has improved greatly. The multiplayer is extends the game’s longevity by providing a sizable amount of multiplayer content for those seeking either competitive or cooperative action. Transformers: Fall of Cybertron is an excellent addition to the franchise and will delight fans and new comers alike.

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Platform(s): Xbox 360, PS3, PC
Publisher(s): Activision
Developer(s): High Moon Studios
Genres: Third-Person Shooter
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Release Date: 2010-08-21

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