2018 has been a significantly good year for videogame releases. Alongside returning franchises, new IPs have been developed and released with considerable audience approval. With them, several female characters have made it to the hearts of players, either because of their innate aesthetic appeal or because they are so badass that they cannot be but sexy. That’s why we have listed the top 10 sexy characters in this year’s releases. To be fair, and because sexy can mean a lot of things depending on the person judging, there is no particular order within the list.


Android 18, Dragon Ball FighterZ

1. Android 18, Dragon Ball FighterZ:

A first crush for many and part of the sexual awakening of some others, Android 18 has been a fan favorite since her inception in the Cell Saga of Dragon Ball Z. Now, with the newest entry to the increasingly large list of Dragon Ball games, fans are once again delighted by this denim-clad, fit, blonde android. It is not only her natural, err, artificial looks that make her sexy, but she is also a cunning and fierce fighter that never backs down. A big part of the appeal Android 18 has comes from her badass attitude.


Lara Croft, Shadow of the Tomb Raider

2. Lara Croft, Shadow of the Tomb Raider:

The new iteration of one of the most iconic female characters in gaming, Lara Croft, has been extremely well received by audiences and critics alike. The grittier tone of the franchise took its toll on Lara, changing her impossible proportions to a more relatable body. Despite this, Lara is still incredibly sexy, not only because of the way she looks and dresses but because of the way she always comes on top despite it all. Hot pants and tank tops were left behind, Angelina Jolie became Alicia Vikander but Lara is still a fan favorite impossible not to be considered in this selection.


Samus Aran, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

3. Samus Aran, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate:

Samus has always been somewhat of a controversy herself. Since the old days in which the player was rewarded with a less dressed version of the character upon better completion of the game, to the incorporation of the Zero Suit or the highly controversial high heels she received for Super Smash Bros. Wii U. But let’s face it, Samus is one of the sexiest characters in videogame history. She has a fit, well-proportioned figure, better seen in her Zero Suit, an undeniably beautiful face and, on top of that, she is the best of the best in her field. Samus has always been more than a body; she is also a force to recon with. Samus is the videogame equivalent of figures such as Ellen Ripley and Sarah Connor; a femme fatale taken straight from the 80’s able to rock a sexy look while kicking ass.


Ivy, Soul Calibur VI

4. Ivy, Soul Calibur VI:

Ivy is a text book example of oversexualization of female characters in fighting games. We get it. After all, what kind of blacksmith would forge such a revealing armor? Her outfit screams sex appeal and is not practical at all. However, once we understand the character is designed to exploit sexuality, we can’t deny the sexual energy Ivy possesses as a character. Not a lot of videogame women can rock a short haircut such as Ivy’s. To be fair, the hairdo looks great on her especially with such an intimidating gaze. The armor, useless as it seems, does exalt interesting parts of Ivy’s body. Her hourglass figure is given a lot of justice with her classical outfit. And, let’s be honest, the fact that she uses a whip as her primary weapon has helped mark her appearance as a grade A dominatrix.


Mary Jane Watson, Spider-Man PS4

5. Mary Jane Watson, Spider-Man PS4:

MJ has been a geek darling since her first appearance in the Spider-Man comic books. She seems to have it all: the girl next door vibe, the red hair, a rocking body and a great attitude. Although her appearance in the new game has been heavily criticized, mainly because of its discrepancies with images previously released, she is still a beautiful character over all. Yes, she sports a more nuanced attractive look (a more relatable and down to earth appearance) instead of the fiery redhead she’s always been, but that only increases her approachable beauty and not an impossible standard as the one we got to know in ctertain iterations of the character.


Freya, God of War

6. Freya, God of War:

The series is famous for its extreme violence and sexual themes but the newest entry has now a more down to earth approach, as down to earth as it can be taking onto consideration its themes and characters. Nevertheless, the game’s portrayal of Norse goddess Freya doesn’t hit far from home. Most representations of the deity feature desirable characteristics for a female according to Norse culture. Furthermore, being a divine entity, her beauty is a predominant element as divinity tends to be a synonym for perfection. This is translated into Freya’s character design and the result is a charismatic, beautiful and sexy wife of the All-Father.


Kara, Detroit Become Human

7. Kara, Detroit Become Human:

Another android in the series. To be fair, Androids are designed to be standards for beauty so it shouldn’t be a surprise Kara, turned out as a very appealing character. Kara’s sex appeal is not as obvious or aggressive as, let’s say, Ivy’s, but it rather stems from a very different approach. As mentioned before, she is undeniably attractive, but her sexiness comes from her personality. She is naive and tends to act in a nervous and impulsive manner, which can be regarded as cute clumsiness at times. Kara shows a lot of nerve and strength in dire situations, especially guided by her maternal instincts and instances in which Alice might be in danger. She is an android learning how the world works and, to some, this can be a very sexy trait derived from innocence and beauty combined. Whatever rocks your boat.


Primrose, Octopath Traveler

8. Primrose, Octopath Traveler:

An exotic looking dancer can be an immediate turn on for most. Primrose not only sports a Middle Eastern look, similar to those of belly dancers, but is also highborn, so she has the beauty expected from the aristocracy in a world such as the one depicted in Octopath Traveler. The moves a dancer like Primrose has are designed specifically to seduce, to allure to the senses and she is right on spot. The outfit she wears really does make justice to her trim figure, this combined with her long brown hair is a perfect recipe for an “exotic beauty”.


Alette, The Banner Saga 3

9. Alette, The Banner Saga 3:

Alette combines a lot of the elements previously cited in the women on this list: she is a redhead, she is Norse and she is a strong female lead able to shine in battle. As one of the main characters in the Banner Saga series, Alette is not only spot on beautiful and sexy but the player also empathizes with her a lot and develops a strong emotional bind. She has proven herself as an exceptional woman time and time again, facing constant challenges and difficult decisions of big proportions. Being a female warrior is its own challenge but carrying the fate of an entire population and having the lives of dozens in your hands is never an easy task despite the gender of the leader in question. So the fact she is also incredibly hot is nothing but a welcome addition.


Mary May Fairgrave, Far Cry 5

10. Mary May Fairgrave, Far Cry 5:

A curvy bartender with an attitude? Yes, please. Mary May is the archetypical American blonde bartender and that is sexy in its own way. Everything from the way she looks to the way she interacts with the player character is appealing. On top of that, she is also an archetypical rebel, a woman with a thirst for vengeance willing to risk it all because she has nothing left to lose. Mary May has a very distinctive grunge vibe due to her green flannel shirt and dirty blonde shaggy hair. That’s quite a view for some.


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