Why do we play video games?

A video game gives us pleasure at any age. It gives us the opportunity to release the accumulated energy. Sometimes we just need to blow off some steam, and we play for hours. Someone can even just spend all night playing. So why do games capture our attention so much, except for pleasure and psychological relief?

Games are complex for the most part. Even easy games are complicated. To understand this, you just need to see how people, who don’t know the way around PC’s, try to play them. We need a lot of time to master a game. We deceive ourselves (somewhere in the subconscious). Our ego thinks that it knows the world, learns to manage it, gains useful skills, makes us play more and more, but in reality, it is a closed system, and the skills acquired in games are inconspicuous, at least unless they affect our outer world. Basically, when playing, we gain the skill to play better. We are not just psychologically unburdened by problems; we are psychologically distancing from the whole real world. Probably this is the reason why we become victims of self-deception.

Video games are a waste of time and a substitute for creativity, and now they are the substitution for social interaction. Although a couple of hours spent playing a video game every day are beneficial in terms of psychological relief, this is not the only way to reboot your brain. In fact, it is one of the most dangerous, because games are addictive. Where there is a place for active creativity, there is often no place for such time killers.


#1 Catwoman, the Batman series

It is better to never, under any circumstances, bring an exquisite Catwoman into a house full of jewels and money. At one time, a girl can be a faithful ally for Batman, while under other circumstances, she becomes his worst enemy. In most cases, the elusive criminal simply pursues her own interests. Despite this, the girl is able to do noble and good deeds.

Her main weapons are sharp claws and a whip. The villain prefers to act secretly, but in particularly dangerous situations, she is able to stand up for herself.

#2 Black Cat, Spider-Man: Web of Shadows

Another representative of the cat family. The girl helped Spider-Man quite a lot, but in some cases, she steps on the path of crime. Felicia decided to follow her father's way, turning into a professional thief, who cannot resist the shine of diamonds. The villain is simply crazy about Spider-Man, so she tries to draw his attention to herself in every possible way. Sometimes this leads Felicia to insane and rash decisions with serious consequences. Black Cat is an emotional, dreamy, and stubborn person, who knows how to play with men to achieve the desired result.

#3 Harley Quinn, the Batman series

The eccentric and crazy Harley has always been faithful and blindly devoted to her Joker. This elusive criminal used to be a gymnast, but then she decided to become a psychologist to be famous. At school, she was not the most talented student, but thanks to her beauty, she easily tricked naive teachers into giving her high marks. The beginning psychologist goes to the Arkham hospital, where the most insane criminals are kept. There, the girl met Joker, who often uses Harley Quinn for his criminal plans.

# 4 Poison Ivy, the Batman series

Thanks to her pheromones, an inimitable criminal can charm any guy, although, for her, they are nothing more than slaves, who obey the will of the mistress, caring for plants. Being a young student, she showed a purely fanatical interest in the flora, protecting her from cruel people. Because of their extract, she became a mistress of the forests.

Poison Ivy is one of the sex symbols of the DC universe.

#5 Kaileena, Prince of Persia

The Charming Empress of Time, who mastered the skill of bewitching men with her beauty and conquered the streams of time. This girl is a kind of magical creature. She was created by the gods to protect the Island of Time. Kaileena also has the ability of the oracle, so it’s pretty difficult to surprise the Empress. In addition, she can distort reality, create temporary portals, turn people into sand guards, slow down events, and travel to other worlds.

They are insidious, cruel, and dreaming of wreaking havoc around. Behind their stunning appearance lie dangerous villains that dream of enslaving the world. Protagonists are forced to overcome incredible obstacles in order to unravel the sinister intention of these girls. Sometimes they act alone, but in most cases, entire armies are behind them. These girls are proving a brute force is not always a pledge to world domination.


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