Could Terra Nil Be The Solution For Life On Mars?

Let’s consider we’ve made it to Mars, but how exactly are we going to turn that red plant into a green one?

By RON, Posted 24 Jun 2021

Life on a different planet other than Earth has not just been an illusion for mankind but a goal for decades. NASA's Mars Investigation Program ‘Mars 2020 Perseverance Rover Mission’ has been doing a long-term robotic exploration on Mars. The goal of this exploration is concerning the possibility of life on Mars. Not to mention China's remote-controlled rover which has traveled down to Mars's surface not so long ago. Not the only USA and China, but any country that has a foothold on the space arena program are trying to get a grip on the exploration of Mars or researching on possibility of expanding human colonization on Mars. But given Mars’s atmospheric hurdles, is it optimistic to finance trillions of dollars on such an illusionistic idea? Perhaps time will tell that!

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Let’s consider we’ve made it to Mars and preparing for the habitation for the future generation. But how exactly are we going to turn that red plant into a green one? Perhaps indie game developer Free Lives has been answered by their latest game Terra Nil. According to NoobFeed - Terra Nil, a game that can only be described as a reverse city-builder in which our main objective is to transform barren wastelands into thriving ecosystems full of life and without human intervention. The game takes place in a lifeless wasteland and like a builder, we start with the generating power and water system. Once the power and water system are restored, purifying the soil begins. It may take years in real life but once the soil is purified, cultivating pioneer greenery is only a matter of time. Though major tasks remain such as restoring biodiversity and fixing the climate. Once these two parts are done wildlife can be introduced. Surely with all the mechanical structural expeditions won’t encourage the wildlife to expand. So, recycling the structures and leaving the environment primeval will let the wildlife expand in a more open free green world.

According to Devolver Digital, the studio behind publishing Terra Nil, “(the game) presents players with a task of global environmental rejuvenation. The open-ended strategy progresses through multiple stages of restoration, including cultivating biodiversity, fixing the climate, and even recycling the buildings players used to get there. Traverse the planet, restoring different geographical regions, each with their unique challenges, flora, and fauna.”

Geneticist Christopher Mason has said that “Humanity has sent around 30 spacecraft and landers to the Red Planet since the space age began. Now, we know which microbes might have survived the trip”. So now that we have the answers on the type of microorganism that can survive on Mars, research on figuring how to generate power using Mars’s solar system can very well open the door to the possibilities to restoring other environmental aspects. After all, we all belong to the same solar system and there have to be some elementary connections between the planets proving the same bright sun.

For those who are unfamiliar with Terran Nil, here's a gameplay video for you to understand how the environmental restoration is actually done in the game.


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