PlayStation Portable was the first handheld model in the console line. It was the most powerful device at the time of release and a strong rival to Nintendo's handheld gadgets. Now, over 15 years after its emergence, you can still play the games that made it popular. Thanks to ROMs, they are perfectly compatible with a modern OS, both desktop and mobile.

Unlocking the best games of all time is easier. Special emulators for retro gamers are provided free of charge. Turn your device into a nostalgic console and delve into the irresistible PSP universe. All the psp roms at Romsopedia come with high-quality graphics and sound. Here are the 10 biggest hits worth considering.

Top 10 PSP ROMs Games, Naruto Shippuden, Ultimate Ninja Impact

1. God of War – Ghost of Sparta

This is one of the most popular action-packed ROMs in any collection. The franchise has a loyal fan base around the world. You can play this chapter on your desktop or mobile devices with high-quality graphics and sound.

2. Naruto Shippuden – Ultimate Ninja Impact

This game invites you to participate in massive battles with numerous enemies. The Ad Hoc Mode enables playing with friends. The story is based on the hero's challenging quest to becoming Hokage with the help of new teachers.

3. Tekken 6

This fighting ROM represents the 7th installment in the franchise. Here, tense action takes place in a world launched into chaos, with a civil war raging around the globe. This is the first chapter in the series to feature the Rage system which restores the characters' health.

4. Grand Theft Auto – Vice City Stories

This title is cherished and adored by many. It is jam-packed with action and adventure. The game features a unique system for empire building. Players must take over rival businesses to expand their syndicate.

5. Dragon Ball Z – Shin Budokai 2

This hit based on the wildly popular anime series has all the typical features of a fighting title, with punches, kicks, and special ki blasts. The "Hyper Mode" accelerates your movement to incredible speeds. This was the second installment for PlayStation Portable with a brand new story.

6. Ben 10 – Ultimate Alien – Cosmic Destruction

Revisit one of the best sci-fi cartoon series with this high-quality ROM. The story is simple — a boy finds ‘Omnitrix’, a peculiar device that can transform him into 10 different aliens. In this chapter, Ben is a celebrity superhero adored by kids but distrusted by adults. He faces alien threats, human mercenaries, and assassins.

7. Naruto – Ultimate Ninja Heroes

In this wildly popular manga series, a ninja strives for recognition. The game is packed with adventure, action, and martial arts. It includes 12 stories presenting the same events from the perspective of different characters.

8. Spider-Man 3

The story is familiar to anyone who has seen the Marvel Entertainment blockbusters. This action-adventure video game set in the open world is loosely based on the movie. It includes extra characters and elements from the comic books and the Marvel Universe.

Top 10 PSP ROMs Games, Spiderman 3

9. Assassin’s Creed

This smashing hit by Ubisoft is built around open-world battles seen from the third-person perspective. The events take place during the Third Crusade in the Holy Land in 1191. The protagonist relives the memories of his ancestor and engages in the struggle between two rival factions, who are both seeking the "Apple of Eden".

10. Mortal Kombat – Unchained

This franchise, which started in the 1990s, is still very much alive. This is a conventional fighting title and a real classic. The new characters are Kitana, Jax, Frost, and Blaze. All stages and characters are available from the outset.


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Platform(s): Xbox 360, PS3
Publisher(s): Namco Bandai Games America
Developer(s): Racjin
Genres: 3D Fighting
Themes: Action
Release Date: 2012-03-13

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