Remember the amazing toon show that brought up a sizzle of catching Pokémon having explicitly amazing powers? You could easily find it to be the talk of the time, particularly among kids. With its entry into gaming, this was certainly a revolution for game developers worldwide, that began plugging the gaming market with a variety of inspired games. Years later to the show, Pokémon games still boast of an unflinching craze among gamers of all age groups.

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Let’s have a look at your best choices among fan-made Pokémon Games to Play in 2022.

Pokémon Godra

If you are done with conventional Pokémon games where they restrict you in the ‘Pokemon trainer’ role, having to catch and train Pokemon, this game is a refreshing change for you. It allows you to switch among roles of your choice, for instance, a doctor, company manager, or some other character that you like. Your attributes in the game are according to your choice of role-playing.

Another exciting feature of this game is its story setting into two different regions and distinctive challenges associated with each storyline throughout your Pokemon journey, giving you a completely new experience with each stride.

Pokémon Insurgence

Developed on the RPG Maker XP engine, this game introduces players to the Torren region of gameplay, having various sections that are uniquely significant to the storyline. What makes this one more interesting is that here you can choose to be either the ‘Hero’ or the ‘Villain’ of your game. Depending on your choice, you are welcomed with respective hurdles to overcome, affecting the game plot at crucial stages.

You will also get to see the improved and enhanced ‘Delta’ and ‘Meta Evolutions’ versions of your ‘traditional’ Pokemon species, set in a visibly darker theme with all the more exciting and advanced features and appearances. This game has quite impressive character graphics.  

Pokémon Reborn

Pokemon Reborn has an appealing storyline set in the Pokemon world with modifications in-game setting, plot, and challenges that a gamer encounters. Using the RPG Maker XP engine as the gaming platform, this game is loaded with extraneous gaming adventures in an intense gaming atmosphere, preferably suitable for a mature audience.

Its character diversities comprise 800 Pokemon species in 7 generations and 21 starters. It has a distinct ‘Field Effect’ playing mechanism with 18 challenging gyms.

Pokémon Uranium

You can take this one among those traditional Pokemon games that ask you to unravel a mysterious game setting, overcome challenges, catch and train new Pokemon species and win over your rival trainers. The ‘Nuclear’ Pokemon species that are resistant to poison is the major attraction to this game.

This game achieved so much popularity at its release that the makers had to face DMCA strikes under Nintendo and shut the production down. However, you might still find it on the web.

Pokémon Ash Gray

If you are an ardent fan of the Pokemon TV series and find Pokémon games without Ash Ketchum just missing out on the feel, this game is perfect for you. Set in the Kanto region and originated from the GBA Pokemon game FireRed, this game is possibly the best and the closest replica of the immensely loved Pokemon show.

Allowing you to be Ash, the hero of the plot, this game takes you to experience everything from the ‘Sparrow attack’ to the ‘Butterfree Release’.


Introduced in 2012, this game is quite popular among Pokemon fans. Featuring four distinctive storylines set in different regions with hundreds of Pokemon species; this game allows you to share your game progress in socially active communities. You can get accustomed to interesting tricks and tips from experienced players in the community to enhance your Pokemon journey and overall gaming experience.

What is more effective in keeping gamers clung to this game is the constant efforts from the developers to improve the game in different aspects. You will be introduced to new features, challenges, and adventures from time to time.

Pokémon Radical Red

Are you always in the mood to play adventure games that are a package of high-grade challenges and demand mind-boggling strategies to get through them? This game has the potential to cater to your adventure feel. Created by Supercell in 2020, this Pokemon game is currently storming the gaming franchise.

Packed with the latest Generation VIII ROM mechanics, this game is loaded with features and graphics lively enough to make you feel the spunk of fighting actual combat. Its ‘Max Raid Battles’ will make you experience the tussle of the ‘Sword and Shield’ functionality. However, you need to effectively strategize your attacks to win over this extremely challenging game.

Pokémon Fire Ash

Launched by Reinhartmax in 2017, this game is all for making you lead the life of your Pokemon hero, Ash. With a storyline identical to the original TV series, this game takes you to the Sun and Moon seasons of Ash’s Pokemon adventures.

From battling rivals and counterparts to Pikachu following you, get ready to plunge into Ash’s meticulous adventures in extensive storylines set in different regions and presenting a diversity of challenges from Pokemon Generations I to VII. Not to forget, the game also has some special Pokemon forms, like, Ash Greninja and Mega Evolutions.

Pokémon Prism

Pokémon Prism was introduced by RainbowDevs in 2016 as an allied version of pre-GBA games. Set in five different regions, this game offers new storylines in each setting, along with two new Pokemon species, Gas and Sound. You may experience a graphic jitter if you are used to playing newer games.

This game had surprisingly identical features to the original Nintendo games and was put on a cease-and-desist order by the company. However, the developers escaped the notch by adopting the game from a 4-channel leak and have been continuously updating the same.

Pokémon Emerald Kaizo

Phoenix Rising Team introduced this game in 2018 with a view of providing an amicable PC game inspired by the conventional Pokemon show that had ruled hearts for years. It is an ambitious game that differs from the original show in terms of themes, graphics, conquests, and stories.

The attractive features include trees in the Skyrim style, an RPG quest system, and the player’s liberty to choose a specific plot. It also has some beautifully crafted special Pokemon forms, like, Mega Evolutions and Relic, but they are too sketchy.


This is certainly not the end. If you want more, a long list of enticing Pokémon games like Pokémon Creepy Black, Pokémon Emerald Kaizo, Pokémon Dark Rising, Pokémon Light Platinum, etc, is there for you to explore and select from. These are a definite guarantee to a thrilling and unforgettable gaming experience.

Gamers throughout the world are always excited and look forward to new and enhanced gaming options that have the spunk to provide them with an unmatched, enticing, and everlasting gaming experience. Loaded with amazing and appealing attributes, Pokémon games never disappoint their fans in terms of quality entertainment. Available in a class of varieties, these games have a lot to offer in line with your exquisite gaming preferences. So, why not pick your own best gaming choice and plunge into an era of unparalleled entertainment!


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