5 Best Supergiant Games' Original Soundtracks

The game is good, but the song can sometimes be better.

By Yagmur, Posted 04 May 2022

When the soundtrack album of a game stands out, it is like a gift from the heavens to us. Indeed, games are where the greatness is, but we have to accept that they are relatively harder to get into. They require not only time and place but also the right mindset to be able to feel what the developers want us to feel. Thus, we need somewhere else from which we can get this greatness. This is precisely where music comes to our help. It is mainly something that is a part of our daily lives- Music plays when we can’t. With every note, music brings joy and peace. And sometimes, it brings back fond memories. And what better memory than the feeling of having finished a great game.

Isn’t it such a blessing that the studio that gave us such great games like Hades and Bastion has also given us incredible soundtrack albums too? If you like these games, you might want to join us as we look at the five best songs that the indie studio Supergiant Games has given us.

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1. Setting Sail, Coming Home (Bastion)

“I see your star; you left it burning for me // Mother, I’m here.”

“Setting Sail, Coming Home” is the track that plays at the end of Bastion, the first game that Supergiant Studios has ever made. If you have not played Bastion yet, you can check from our review what you have been missing out on- But this is a matter to discuss another time. “Setting Sail, Coming Home” is sung by two incredible artists, Darren Korb and Ashley Barrett, both of whom will come up again on this list later. This song merges two different songs of the same game in a way that feels more than magical. The singers are in such harmony that it leaves one wonderstruck. Furthermore, everyone agrees that “Setting Sail, Coming Home” captures the soul of Bastion. So if you ever find yourself missing the game, you can always go back and listen to this song to give your soul a little bit of that video game magic.

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2. We All Become (Transistor)

“Stop grieving, start leaving // Before we all become one.”

Unfortunately, “We All Become” only plays for a short time in the game, but the more extended version of the song is so incredible that you must listen to it at least once. What’s more, this song is also the song that the narrator hums when the player messes with the audio settings. Ashley Barrett’s vocals as the character Red make “We All Become” unforgettable. Transistor, as a whole, has so many great tracks that it is tough to choose just one that reflects the game as a whole. But lyrically and musically, this song is something else.

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3. Lament of Orpheus (Hades)

“A glance to the stern is all it would be // That anguished shade shall haunt me.”

One of the most critically acclaimed games of 2018, Hades, is astonishing in every aspect. From head to toe, there is something for everyone in this game. And this is not only because Supergiant Games has made a game with so much a replay value but also because everything about it is full of passion. “Lament of Orpheus” is about the story of Orpheus and Eurydice, which is one of the game’s sub-stories. The name fits this song incredibly well because it sounds like a lament, with the soft vocals and the slow instrumentals.

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4. In the Flame (Pyre)

“Strands may break alone // But twisted make a braid.”

Gameplay-wise, one of the most different games that came out of the Supergiant Studios, Pyre also shines with its music. There are a lot of great soundtracks within this game in particular, but “In the Flame” shines among them. This is especially the case with the lyrics. Unfortunately, the version of “In The Flames” within the game is shortened, so the more extended version can only be reached by listening to the official soundtrack album. It is nothing to be upset about, but after hearing the entire song, it is only natural to understand why fans wanted the longer version to be in the game too. This song is genuinely marvelous.

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5. Good Riddance (Hades)

“Atlas can rest his weary bones // The weight of the world; all falls away.”

“Good Riddance” is one of the most famous songs of Hades, and it is straightforward to understand why. The song is sung by Eurydice when Zagreus visits her in Asphodel. The lyrics offer an exciting approach to death, and it almost twists the whole narrative from the perspective of Eurydice. Eurydice clarifies that she does not see the concept of death as something to be afraid of but as something that must be welcomed, for it allows one to be free of earthly pains. The whole song is a farewell to the world and all the “burdens” it brings upon one. Again, it is a fascinating take on the Orpheus and Eurydice myth, and it is also an interesting take on the general concept of death.

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Honorary Mention: She Shines (Transistor)

“I’m always breathless to see // Growing so slowly to greet me // Where I end is where she begins.”

This song is in the Honorary Mention category because it is not in the game. “She Shines” is a song released after the launch of the game, meaning that it has not made its way into the game because it was composed after the development was over. It is also a special song because it is the only one without a soundtrack version among all the other songs in the same game. “She Shines” is a gift from the Supergiant Games to those that are only willing to accept it. Furthermore, there is a hidden Blade Runner reference somewhere in the song. See if you can find it!

Yagmur Sevinc (@yagmursevvinc)
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