World of Warcraft: Dragonflight's Season 3 is out now. So this is the right time for gamers to expect a new meta this season —- from tier sets and talent tree changes to balance adjustments. Remember that as the game is always changing, this list could change in the future. There could be new tactics that upend the status quo. But let’s dig deeper into the performance of different tank specs in Mythic+ dungeons during Season 3 for this list.

To effectively finish any M+ dungeon, even on non-meta tank classes, we advise getting a mythic plus boost service. So if you enjoy playing with your favorite class rather than chasing the meta, then this service is the best for you. Either way, whether you're looking to farm high-level keys or are playing for kicks, here's our WoW: Dragonflight Season 3 Mythic+ list, ranking tank specs from worst to best.

World of Warcraft: Dragonflight, Guardian Druid

Guardian Druid (C Tier)

Guardian Druid received some nerfs in Season 3, such as an adjustment to Blood Madness to reduce rage generation in high-target scenarios. Despite the fact that this Tank class is at the very bottom of our rating, it is still playable. Guardian Druid deals a lot of damage and is incredibly survivable, making it a reliable tank at all but the top key tier.

Either way, Guardian Druid most likely won't be a meta tank, but will still get the job done. They are easy to play and can work very well at most key levels. Mark of the Wild and Rebirth, which brings an undead target back to life with 100% health and at least 20% mana, will be extremely effective if there are no other druids in the party. However, considering the strength of Restoration and Balance druids, Guardian will most certainly forfeit that edge.

Brewmaster Monk (B Tier)

Brewmaster Monk has a lot of potential in Season 3. In terms of power and playstyle, they are largely unchanged from Season 2. The new tierset significantly improves their durability, notably against AoE pulls. Monks presently deal a lot of damage because of their abilities Charred Passions and Resonant Fists, as well as their access to many powerful offensive cooldowns like Bonedust Brew, Exploding Keg, and Weapons of Order. Monk’s utility is just as good as it was before, but it is obscured by how good the other tanks have gotten.

Overall, Brewmaster is mostly balanced; they are not imbalanced, but they also don't have any serious flaws. The main reason why Brewmaster Monk will not be as popular is due to the difficulty of gameplay. However, if players master their skills with Brewmaster, then they are completely capable of performing the highest keys.

Blood Death Knight (B Tier)

Until players reach the highest level keys, the Blood Death Knight is the most powerful tank spec. Their biggest asset is their capacity to survive in nearly any situation. BDK will always be the finest support tank since they don't require much concentration on healing, making them an excellent pick for gamers who don't want to rely on a party or healer to live. The level settings do little to address the Death Knights' main issues and have little effect on how they play.

High-key scaling is BDK's largest obstacle. Given how hard the mobs strike in past seasons on the most fortified keys, BDK was lucky to survive a single hit. This problem appears to be lingering well into Season 3, which seriously hinders this Tank specialization's ability to be a top-tier meta tank.

Protection Warrior (B Tier)

Protection Warriors, like every other Mythic+ Season, live and die by their Spell Reflect. While there aren't as many critical reflectable skills in many of the new dungeons, it can still be handy in a variety of situations. Prot Warriors also provide a lot of constant damage and good resilience. Melee DPS classes are slated to return this season, making Battle Shout even more valuable to groups. Protection appears to be in a strong position in Season 3, with only a few specs ahead of it that may be better suited for the instance pool.

World of Warcraft: Dragonflight, Protection Paladin

Protection Paladin (A Tier)

In Season 3, Protection Paladins will be a serious contender for the best tank. Due to their numerous defensive abilities, Paladins are capable of handling any situation, including the ones with bleeding, magic, and powerful burst damage. Their capacity to stun and interrupt a variety of potent spells will be a great advantage in the dungeon pool come Patch 10.2.

These abilities will especially manifest themselves at higher key levels in dungeons such as Waycrest Manor and the Eternal Blossom, where you need to interrupt many dangerous spells. Along with doing a lot of damage, Prot Paladins also provide a great deal of group survivability because of their blessings and healing. All in all, Protection Paladins are obviously a great option for the start of Season 3.

Vengeance Demon Hunter (S Tier)

Demon Hunters are likely overly strong now that they have undergone a recent rework. Vengeance has become a top tank at the beginning of Season 3 due to the elimination of target caps for some abilities, such as Fire Brand, and other modifications to their resilience. With its high damage and best tank profile for the patch 10.2 dungeon pool, this tank spec appears to be the most resilient. If Blizzard doesn't nerf Vengeance, this Tank spec will rule Season 3 from start to finish.

Final Say

As we have provided you with a rating of the top tank specializations in Season 3, their strengths and weaknesses, now you know what to pick for the next party. It's worth noting that we were evaluating individual units. And given that Mythic is a 5-player dungeon, it's also important for you to consider class synergies and stats. Also, remember that WoW is just a game, and its main goal is to have fun while playing. Therefore, you should not chase the meta but rather play your favorite classes and specs, provided that your goal of the game is not to complete M+ dungeons in record time or farm the highest keys.


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