F1 24: All Tyres Types and Which One to Choose

Learn How Tyres Go Around in F1 24.

By nine_toes, Posted 06 Jun 2024

In F1 24, you are given the choice of customizing two aspects of your tyres; they have an effect on the speed and durability of your tyres during a race. The more durable your tyres are, the less often you have to go in for pitstops. It is essential to pick the right tyres for your race to increase your chances of winning each time.

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During every Grand Prix each team is given access to two specifications (or compounds) of dry-weather tyre. Unless conditions are wet, drivers must use both specifications during the race. "S" stands for soft tyres, "M" for medium tyres, "H" for hard, "I" for intermediate and "W" for wet tyres. C1 means Compounds 1 where C1 is the hardest and C5 is the softest. This guide only covers what you need to change during each race, as other aspects are automatically changed for each session.

These tires net you the fastest speed as they have the most oil in them, but that comes at the cost of durability. They offer outstanding traction, but they deteriorate very quickly. You can identify soft tires by spotting red bands on each side of the tire walls.

In theory, this set of tires offer the best of both worlds – a balance between performance and endurance. As a result, it is very versatile, you can get away with running this set in almost every race. One thing that sets these tires apart is that, it performs exceptionally in tracks where cars can reach high speeds and they can endure significant stress and heat due to the energy being exerted. Although, these have a low working range compound, meaning that they have a small optimal temperature range where they perform at their best. You can identify medium tires by spotting yellow bands on each side of the tire walls.

These are the slowest tires of the bunch, but they last the longest. Typically, these tires are only run for races where you only plan to take one pitstop and make up for the slightly lower speed by being on the racetrack for longer. You can identify hard tires by spotting white bands on each side of the tire walls.

This is a variant of tires with a mix between hard and wet characteristics. You will have increased durability alongside better traction in wet conditions. These tires perform best in slightly wet conditions. You can identify intermediate tires by spotting green bands on each side of the tire walls

Full Wets
These tyres have full treads which offer increased traction in extremely wet conditions. You will typically use them when it is raining during a race. These tires will deplete very quickly in dry conditions. You can identify full wet tires by spotting blue bands on each side of the tire walls

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During a race weekend, each driver gets 13 sets of dry-weather tires: seven sets of the harder 'prime' tires and six sets of the softer 'option' tires. Additionally, each driver has four sets of intermediate tires for mixed conditions and three sets of wet tires for rainy conditions.

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