F1 24: How to Make the Best Out of DRS

What is DRS, How To Use it, and More!

By nine_toes, Posted 06 Jun 2024

In Formula One races, the cars are engineered to be as fast as possible, from how the wheels come into contact with the racetrack to how the air around the car bounces off the surface of its body. These cars are designed to be as fast as possible by minimizing all forms of resistance as well as making the engines as powerful as can be within the constraints given. DRS, or Drag Reduction System, is one of the engineering marvels used to counteract turbulence faced when either closely tailing another car before being able to overtake them, or during straights.

F1 24 DRS

DRS can only be opened on certain points, called DRS activation zones. The activation zones are always on straights. The distance for the activation zone is displayed in your MFD in orange colored numbers near speed. You must manually press the required button when you encounter these zones. The DRS flaps automatically return after the event is over. It usually gets activated in the second lap or so and is not available during safety car.

When tailing a car, you must be at least 1 second behind in order for the DRS activation zone to be available to you. You will be alerted with a beep sound when DRS is available.

Now that you know what DRS is, you can reach higher speeds during straights and overtake cars you are chasing more effectively!

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