Nine Sols: How to Find the Abandoned Mines

Find The Abandoned Mines With This Guide!

By nine_toes, Posted 11 Jun 2024

If you are trying to get the true ending of Nine Sols, you must already know that you must complete all NPC side quests to get it. In one of them, you must rescue the village, but you can only get there through the Abandoned Mines. You may also find yourself here because you don’t know what to do with the Underground Access Mines Token. This guide covers everything you need to know!

Abandoned Mines Access Token Nine Sols


Step 1: Go to Factory (Underground)

Factory Underground Nine Sols


Step 2: Explore the map until you are here

Factory Nine Sols

You will find yourself in the Abandoned Mines once you go forward from here.


Step 3: Explore the Area Until You Reach the End

Abandoned Mines Nine Sols


Step 4: Use the Token

Minezzz Nine Sols

Use the token here and it should open up a path in front of you. This should open up the path outside and let you complete your quest.

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