Nine Sols: How to Get the True Ending

Get The True Ending With This Guide!

By nine_toes, Posted 11 Jun 2024

Nine Sols is the first ever taopunk game with a incredible visuals and gripping story. Did you know there are two endings of the game? There’s a normal ending and a true ending, where the final boss is different! This guide covers everything you need to do in order to get the true ending.


Explore The Maps

Mapz Nine Sols

To get this ending, you must explore each area in the map and find every trinket and treasure. It’s not as bad as it sounds! The exploration in this game is rather rewarding. The best way to ensure you have gotten everything in an area is by obtaining the map chip for it and handing it to Shanhai 9000 at the pavilion. After you have done this, the map will show you the number of things you have missed in each area.


Max Out Your Health

Healthy Nine Sols

In Nine Sols, you upgrade your health by bringing poison to Shennong and then drink his medicinal brew with him until you both pass out. After drinking, you wake up with more health. You can find poison throughout the game by completing challenges and buying them from Chiyou the merchant. You can find this merchant in different parts of the game, but they’ll be in the pavilion after you reach a certain point in the game. You will know your health has been maxed out when you get the “I'm Yi I Have a Drinking Problem” achievement.


Complete Shennong’s Questline

As you try to max out your health, Shennong will eventually give you an Abandoned Mines Access Token. Use it and do as he says to complete his quest. After you complete the first part of his quest and max out your health, ShuanShuan will tell you that Shennong is missing. You must find him and complete the quest.


Give Every Item You Find to ShuanShuan

ShuanShuan Silly Nine Sols

As you explore, you will find several items where the game will mention you should give to ShuanShuan. You should visit the pavilion and give those items to him whenever you can. Each time you visit the pavilion, you will progress the events that happen after each item. You will see the pavilion change as you progress. Your goal is to establish a deeper connection with ShuanShuan, so you must ensure you have seen every event that happens in the pavilion. You will know you have given every artifact to ShuanShuan when you get the “Gimme Gimme” achievement.


Find The Three Secret Murals in Grotto of Scriptures

Tomb Nine Sols

You will find two secret murals in Grotto of Scriptures (East) and the last one in in Grotto of Scriptures (West). After you do this, defeat a boss and enter the tomb found in Grotto of Scriptures (West) to find the Rhizomatic Bomb.


Talk to Kuafu

After you have done all the steps above, continue the story until you reach the point of no return (the game will tell you clearly when you’ve reached this point) teleport to the pavilion, and talk to Kuafu. He will ask you a question with two options. To get the true ending, you must choose to help the Apemen. Kuafu will give you the Rhizomatic Arrow that will help against the final boss.

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