The First Descendant: How to Unlock Bunny

If you have been trying to unlock Bunny, here's a guide for you to follow.

By nine_toes, Posted 08 Jul 2024

Bunny is an electrifying descendant that sprints into the battlefield and zaps anything that comes her way. She’s not one of the 3 descendants that you start off with, however you can unlock her fairly early by simply progressing the main story and doing other things along the way.

The First Descendant, Guide, How to Unlock Bunny, Screenshots

To start, you need to progress through the game until you reach the Fallen Theater in Kingston. Upon arrival, you will meet Bunny, marking the first step in unlocking her. Accept the quest associated with Bunny, which requires you to gather four specific materials. If you get lost at any point, you can check your journal, navigate to the quests section, and click on "Obtain Bunny Suit" to see the list of required items. The four items you need to unlock Bunny are:

Bunny Enhanced Cells (1)
Bunny Stabilizer (1)
Bunny Spiral Catalyst (1)
Amorphous Material Bunny (1)

Just north of Bunny's location, you will find a battlefield mission called Vulgus Field Generator. Completing this mission will reward you with the Bunny Enhanced Cells. Once you receive the notification that the mission is complete, you will also see that you have obtained the Bunny Enhanced Cells.

Next, continue with the main storyline, which should lead you to the "Leads for the Future" mission at the Magister Lab. Completing this mission will reward you with the Bunny Stabilizer. As with the previous mission, you will receive a notification once the mission is complete and the stabilizer has been obtained. Remember, you can tackle these main missions solo or in a group, and matchmaking is available to spice things up on the battlefield.

The next item you need is the Bunny Spiral Catalyst. Return to Kingston and look for a battle mission called the Vulgus Data Transmitter. Completing this mission will provide you with the Bunny Spiral Catalyst. As usual, a mission complete notification will confirm that you have obtained the catalyst.

The First Descendant, Guide, How to Unlock Bunny, Screenshots

The final material is the Amorphous Material, which can be acquired by completing the Slumber Valley mission in Kingston. This is part of the main storyline, so following the storyline will naturally lead you to this point. After a short conversation with Bunny, head to Slumber Valley which is right behind her. Completing this mission will reward you with the Amorphous Material.

The First Descendant, Guide, How to Unlock Bunny, Screenshots

However, there is one more step. After obtaining the Amorphous Material, you need to defeat a Gravewalker. When you're getting ready to face Gravewalker, it’s really helpful to know his weaknesses so you can hit him where it hurts. After talking to Seneca, the Void Intercept Battle Master in Albion, you'll get some useful info about intercept bosses like Gravewalker. On the left side of the screen, you'll see an attribute resistance chart that shows what Gravewalker is strong and weak against.

Once you defeat the Gravewalker, you need to wait for the Recontructed Device to appear where the boss died and you will be given 3 different Amorphous Materials to pick from. Make sure you select the Bunny Amorphous Material option and then click on “Shape” to obtain the Bunny Code. With all four materials in hand, return to Albion and speak to Anais. She handles all ultimate weapons and descendant crafting. Select the option to craft Bunny, and initiate the crafting process for 400,000 gold. You may have the option to boost the timer if you’re willing to spend real money, otherwise you can just wait for the timer which is only 1 minute.

The First Descendant, Guide, How to Unlock Bunny, Screenshots

When Bunny is ready, a check mark will appear. Click on it, confirm your selection, and Anais will craft Bunny for you, making her available for use. This process of unlocking Bunny should provide a template for unlocking other descendants as you progress further in the game.

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