Far Cry New Dawn How to Defeat the Final Boss

Defeat Ethan Seed

By Grayshadow, Posted 15 Feb 2019

Far Cry New Dawn's final boss can be formidable but it's not unstoppable. Ethan has been consumed by his sins and now taken the form of a demonic creature, with Joseph asking you to euthanize his son. Here's how to defeat Ethan.

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First off, make sure you have 1 automatic weapon, 1 shotgun, and a heavy weapon. Snipers are unwise here. Ethan has 3 phases and will largely use the same attacks. He's heavily armored but weaks points are shown in glowing orange areas on his body, these are your targets.

Ethan will rely on 3 attacks: close range swings, a large area-of-effect throw when he hurls a fireball that causes damage to anyone inside the circle, and another similar attack that originates from his body that also does damage to anyone in the area. These areas will eventually disappear during the fight, with Ethan placing more throughout the fight.

Constantly move and use your double jump to get away quicker and Wraith if you need extra defense. Ammo and health kits are available throughout, and you can refill your ammo constantly. The key of this fight is to evade Ethan and take occasional shots at his weak points throughout, do not let him get close or you will die. Ethan will rely on the same attacks throughout the fight, just run and hit until he falls.

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