Final Fantasy VII Remake How to Defeat Rufus Shinra

Fighting the VP of Shinra

By Grayshadow, Posted 16 Apr 2020

If you thought Jenova Dreamweaver was hard Rufus is another level of difficulty. Unlike Jenova Rufus isn't alone and has his loyal military dog Darkstar along with custom shotguns. Here's how to beat him.

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Have counterattack equipped but no Elemental material as Rufus is resistant to all magical damage. The first target is Darkstar, the dog needs to be taken down or it'll just heal Rufus constantly. Both Rufus and Darkstar support one another by keeping Cloud locked down. Using counterattack is key to repelling their assault and getting to the second phase.

This time Rufus will showcase his modified weapons, using Blinding Light which is a laser attack and smokescreens to stun Cloud and open up for attacks. Unfortunately, you cannot counter smokescreen but Rufus needs to reload after every major attack, allowing you to attack Darkstar. If he uses Guns Akimbo guard or it'll leave you vulnerable and losing a lot of health. Since magic is worthless, waiting for Darkstar to attack and Rufus to reload is the best opportunity to attack. It's slow but an all-out assault will just get you killed.

After Darkstar is defeated Rufus will start darting across the field using his guns and counter-attacking as well. He'll counter-attack after 3 strikes so time your hits. Like the previous phases, this is all about waiting for an opportunity. When Rufus reloads attack but be aware of his close-range explosives and EMP blasts, both can leave Cloud damaged and vulnerable. Wait for Rufus to reload, counterattack when you can and don't charge in.

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