Final Fantasy VII Remake How to Unlock All Dress Options - Dressed to the Nines Trophy

Unlock every dress in Final Fantasy VII Remake

By Grayshadow, Posted 16 Apr 2020

During Chapter 8 players are able to participate in one of the most notorious and infamous scenes in the original Final Fantasy VII. The cross-dressing scene has been updated and it is better for it. With multiple dress options for Cloud, Tifa, and Aerith. Here's how to unlock them all.

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Tifa's dress options are determined during Chapter 3. You have to complete all the side missions to unlock the mission "Alone at Last". Here you can choose 3 dress options that Tifa was going to wear on her date I mean hanging out with Cloud. 

“Something Exotic?” Short Black Dress
“Something...sporty?” Cheongsam Dress
“Something Mature.” Short Blue Dress and High Heels

Aerith's dresses are determined in Chapter 8. After completing the Colosseum Aerith will be unavailable as she is prepared for the audition. The number of side missions Cloud completes will determine her dress.

Less than 3 a poor pink dress
Between 3 and all is a longer more silky pink dress
All side missions will get you an extravagant red dress

Cloud's dresses are more fickle to determine. They're determined by completing side missions and whether you take on side missions for Madam M or Chocobo Sam. 

Dynamite Boy's mission is available when:

Witness Johnny's Discovery Event 'Vagabond Johnny' when you pass by him early in the chapter, and you should say "Yeah" when you speak to him.

Choose to gamble when prompted by Sam by calling 'Heads' or 'Tails'

Pay for the 500 gil 'Poor Man's Course' massage at Madam M

Tell Aerith that about her dress 'It's alright.'

Madam M's side missions are triggered by:

Make sure to ignore Johnny's Discovery Event 'Vagabond Johnny' when you pass by him early in the chapter, or at least select "No" if you speak to him.

Choose NOT to gamble when prompted by Sam by choosing 'No deal."

Pay for the 3000 gil 'Luxury Course' massage treatment for Madam M

When Aerith asked about her dress say 'It matter what I think?' 

Cloud's dress options:

The Black Dress is the default option for completing no side missions and getting Aerith's poor pink dress.

Completing Chocobo Sam’s two quests are ‘The Party Never Stops’ and ‘A Dynamite Body’ blue and black dress for Cloud at random.

Completing every side mission and getting Madam M's luxury massage will get you the black and purple dress.

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