What Does Your Steam Summer Sale Haul Look Like?

We thought we'd point out some cheap stuff, just to get your thirst for consumerism up.

By Daavpuke, Posted 05 Jul 2020

The big game sale on Steam is in full swing, once more putting thousands of deals on Valve's online store. Some of the biggest sellers include The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, Grand Theft Auto 5 and PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds; the usual suspects. One of the new games to hit it big in the event is Doom Eternal, which is already half off, since coming out in March. This Summer Sale additionally gets buyers a €5 discount upon a purchase of €30.

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The store front page has plenty of featured games, including the continued promotion of EA games. With not just sales being pretty much ongoing, however, but also the continued economic strain on the world, we want to know what, if anything, you're buying. Do you go for the showstoppers or do you dig deep within the wishlist? We thought we'd point out some cheap stuff, just to get your thirst for consumerism up.

BloodySpell - 60% off - €6,54

This weird Souls-like is worth the look at just a couple of Euros. The dark game has that specific Chinese indie vibe, where the design is just familiar enough, but in a definitely quirky way. Currently, the game is on Early Access, so there will likely be more weirdness added in the future. BloodySpell still has over 80% approval.

Simmiland - 50% off - €1,99

This tiny simulation god game uses some minimalist pixel art to portray a civilization that players control with cards. Your cards are determined by the faith people have in you. Cards influence the population indirectly, so you can just try different things and see how the ant slash people colony turns out.

Islanders - 60% off - €1,99

This is, yes, a simulation civilization game, but this one is more strategy oriented. The soft-colored world works in a similar modular sense, but the goal here is to grow a certain score in a limited space. It really just depends on what vibe you want from this type of game, but it definitely won't break the bank.

Blade Strangers - 75% off - €4,19

There are a ton of indie fighters out there, but most of those will follow the Super Smash Bros. arcade style. Blade Strangers is your traditional 2D fighter with features from Cave Story, Binding of Isaac and character favorite, Code of Princess. This is a cheap way to mash some buttons with some indie darlings.

Omega Quintet - 75% off - €6,99

We try and always point you to one of these titles. This Japanese role-playing game (JRPG) revolves around the concept of idols, with a musical combat system attached. Additionally, you can customize your party of girls to your heart's content. If you need some cute waifu time, we got you.


Let us know what games you're picking up during the Steam summer sale in the comments.


Daav Valentaten, NoobFeed

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