Mass Effect Wrex: Family Armor Location

Gain Wrex's loyalty

By Grayshadow, Posted 20 May 2021

Wrex may be closed off but if you keep talking to him the Krogan will eventually open up. Discussing his lost family armor after his father tried to kill him. He'll give you the location, here's where to find it and gain the Krogon's loyalty.

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Now, it's ideal to get this armor before going to Virmire if you want to keep Wrex alive. If you have a high enough Paragon or Renegade score you can avoid this but having the armor will convince Wrex you're on his side.

The armor is on Tantau in the Pheonix system of Argos Rho. When on the planet head to the hidden structure listed on the map. This is your basic run and gun area, upstairs is where the armor is located. If Wrex is in your party he'll acknowledge this and you can speak to him on the Normandy where he thanks Shepard for everything. This will ensure that Wrex will trust Shepard's judgement when discussing the Krogan cloning facility.

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