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By Grayshadow, Posted 10 Aug 2016

The second you start playing No Man's Sky it's a fight for survival. Your ship is damaged and without supplies you'll die, alone. So instead of attempting to try and go it alone I've crafted 5 tips that will prove to aid you in your journey, granted you survive the horrors of the first planet.

Explore, Mine, and Organize

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Like I said before your ship is damaged and all you have is your exo-suit and multi-tool. These items were become your core equipment for the duration of your journey but can be customized based on your own preferences. 

This goes for your ship as well. Supplies can be ferried between your exo-suit and ship but only supplies that specific inventory space can be used for that item. For example supplies in your suit cannot be used on your ship until transfer to the ship's inventory.

Crafting requires raw materials and a spare item slot. Pressing square brings up a menu of all the craftable items. Finding blueprints unlocks new upgrades and can be found from crashed capsules or scanners scattered around the planets and space stations. 

These range from efficient mining lasers to powerful weaponry. You can only equipped a finite amount of these upgrades and to discard them must dismantle the entire upgrade. Fortunately these items don't require a lot of resources to build.

The ideal thing is to keep track of what resources are needed. If you don't your inventory will fill up quickly, early on in the game organization is paramount. It takes more effort but understanding what you need and what you can dispose of will save a lot of headaches.

Everything Needs Batteries

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One of the most exhausting things in No Man's Sky is replenishing the power of everything you use. Your ship, exo-suit, and multi-tool all use finite power cells and must be recharged using raw material or craftable batteries. Your inventory is limited but keeping a few slots dedicated to transporting raw material, especially on long journeys, could mean life or death.

The most life-sustaining items, like your exo-suit's life support system, uses multiple power sources allowing for some wiggle room. Other items such as your hyperdrive requires specific items to fuel them. Of course you don't want to bulk up on Iron or Heridium or you might find yourself stumbling to remove items when a rare element appears.

If you find yourself in a dangerous situation and require life-saving treatment head to your ship. It won't increase your life support but will regenerate all hazard protection.

Purchase a New Ship

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The most important part of space travel is the ship you're using. Fortunately the universe is full of aliens driving better space ships than yours. To upgrade your ship all you have to do is encounter one of these aliens, either on a space station or on-surface depots, and barter with the alien. Once you reach an agreement move all your supplies for your new vehicle.

Purchasing ships are expensive but space is teeming with ways to make money, literally. The asteroids that litter the galaxy all have valuable minerals in them. Blasting them apart will yield a lot of resources that can be sold and used to build upgrades for your ship's weapons and shielding. Obtaining a new ship can ease a lot of these vexing upgrades, plus it does help to fly around space in style.

Make Friends and Shoot Enemies

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The galaxy is a lonely place, that's why it helps to have friends. During your adventure you'll encounter a series of different alien races, each with their own language that you must learn through interacting with them or special artifacts litter around planets and moons. Acting civil, and by that I mean giving them stuff, will increase your reputation with these factions. 

Dangerous space pirates also travel the galaxy. Don't worry your ship will alert you to any incoming hostiles, but if a friendly faction finds themselves in combat with these nasty space pirates you can help out to increase your standing. I've yet to see how this will manifest itself but having a negative status with these races probably won't help. Best to make allies instead of enemies.

Have any tips of your own, share them with everyone in the comments below. Also tell us what you think of No Man's Sky so far? Do you love it or hate it?

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