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Donkey Kong has starred in a lot of titles but what are the best ones?

By Grayshadow, Posted 01 May 2018

Since his debut in 1981, Donkey Kong has been a staple of video game culture. Featured in many different forms of popular culture the iconic ape is easily recognized for his red tie, smile, and love for bananas. However, what are the best games dawning his iconic world? With Donkey Kong: Tropical Freeze releasing on Nintendo Switch this week we've decided to choose the 5 best Donkey Kong games.

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5. Donkey Kong: Tropical Freeze

Surprised? Nintendo may have delisted the title from the Wii U eShop but Donkey Kong: Tropical Freeze released first on Nintendo's Wii U console. While the system failed to meet expectations it did have a lot of great exclusives and Donkey Kong: Tropical Freeze was one of them. 

Keeping with the same difficulty found in past entries Donkey Kong: Tropical Freeze featured beautiful worlds and distinct boss battles that tested players mettle. It's still one of the most difficult games to ever release and platformer gamers looking for a challenge should definitely check it out either by waiting for the updated release this May 4th or by getting the Wii U version.

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4. Donkey Kong Country Returns

Released back in May 2013 Donkey Kong Country Returns returned to the series roots by providing an intense 2D side-scrolling adventure. Taking on the Tiki Tak Tribe required precision and lots of patience as this game was no cakewalk. The developers were aware of this and provided players who died 8 times the ability to access Super Kong, a pre-programmed version of D.K. to play through the stage and prevent players from being stuck.

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3. Diddy Kong Racing

It may not star Donkey Kong but Diddy Kong Racing is still set in the Donkey Kong series. The popular kart racer provided a fully realized single-player mode with boss battles, secret characters, and the ability to use a hovercraft and plane during specific racers. Also included was a series of optional modes such as deathmatch and capture-the-flag style modes. A sequel to Diddy Kong Racing has yet to happen the original title will remain one of the best games of the N64 library.

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2. Donkey Kong Jungle Beat

What would you say if I told you that Nintendo released a pair of bongo drums to play a Donkey Kong game and it was actually better than using a traditional controller? Sounds unbelievable, but it's true.

Donkey Kong Jungle Beat not only offered outstanding level design and some of the best boss battles in the franchise but gave players an intense workout as players would need to bang the drums to attack, jump, and counter-attack. It's a shame that Nintendo never brought back those 1v1 fights in future Donkey Kong games.

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1. Donkey Kong Country

A classic and released back on the SNES Donkey Kong Country remains one of the most challenging and best platformers ever made. The beautiful graphics still hold up today and the gameplay still holds up against modern releases. Selling 9 million units during the SNES generation and more over the course of years Donkey Kong Country is a primary example of what a great platformer should contain.

What are your favorite Donkey Kong games, let us know in the comments below!

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