Overwatch Player Creates Heart-Pounding Horror PVE Mode

Through use of the in-game workshop system, one gamer has made a terrifying game titled “Glitch in the System,” and it’s scarier than it should be.

By Kiemour, Posted 31 Aug 2020



While Blizzard begins to turn its attention to Overwatch 2, many fans of the game have started to create their own game modes. Since Overwatch was granted a workshop mode, players from around the world have been creating their own unique game modes, defining the rules for the world, and so on.

 Many of these games are deathmatch and team oriented, as they are often played while a group of players are waiting to be matched. However, one creative fan has made a unique, horror PVE experience, just in time for Halloween. 

Content creator Therister revealed his new game mode on Reddit, attaching a trailer of gameplay. The overall goal of the game becomes simple very quickly: collect the orbs.

But once a player picks up the first orb, they will begin to hear Sombra voice lines, the screen will begin to blink and players will "hallucinate" Sombras around them, though not fully formed.

Sombra, Glitch In the System

But this is the part that makes Therister's game mode so unique: The player spawns as Doomfist. As many seasoned Overwatch players will know, Sombra is a huge counter and weakness to Doomfist, as she can virtually disarm him with one hack. 

Additionally, Doomfist does not have a way to blindly fire, or "spy check" to defeat the Sombras.
This forces the player to use Doomfist's abilities to navigate the map and escape the hordes of Sombras that spawn throughout the game mode.

The Sombras are not the only things that players will begin to "hallucinate," as text will begin to blink on the screen, as if someone had, well, hacked into the system.

The lights begin to flicker, and most of the time there is fog, preventing the player from seeing more than 20 feet in front of them. Throughout Therister's trailer, Sombras will glitch into sight throughout the map, a constant threat, lurking in the shadows.

For players looking to take advantage in this terrifying game mode, Therister has included a workshop code for players to create their own rooms: HHHPHB. Although the game mode can hold up to 4 players, it is best experienced solo.

Kieran Mouritsen
Editor, NoobFeed

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