Space Punks Open Beta: What to Expect

The sci-fi looter-shooter Space Punks gets a new endgame, endless dungeons, and a redesigned main gameplay loop.

By Rayan, Posted 20 Apr 2022

Flying Wild Hog, a leading Polish developer, has unveiled what its galaxy of scoundrels and misfits may anticipate from the Space Punks Open Beta launch patch on April 20th. Space Punks is a top-down full-action role-playing game (ARPG) developed by Flying Wild Hog's Cracow Studio. With a new "Get-A-Job" feature geared for easier quickplay and a smoother crafting system, players may obtain instruments of even greater mayhem early in their spacefaring careers.

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The Crack will also showcase Space Punk's much-anticipated endgame material. It has an infinite dungeon game set deep under "the Crack" Black Hole, where players may explore undiscovered dimensions and try to attain infinity. Two dimensions exist Common, where players must defeat a fixed number of opponents to advance, and Milestone, where players must discover and kill the area boss. The upgrade will also include essential bug fixes and enhancements that will last beyond the Open Beta.

Announcing the Space Punks Open Beta, Micha Kuk, Head of Cracow Studio for Flying Wild Hog and Space Punks Game Director, said: "We're eager to speak about everything fresh we're introducing for both existing and new players to enjoy. The Crack is the first step of endgame material requested by our Early Access audience. The Cracked One update completes the essential "core" of Space Punks and the major gameplay loop modifications. We have a lot more planned for the game throughout the Open Beta and beyond, so keep an eye out!"

"We couldn't be more delighted to be partnering with Flying Wild Hog to bring more gamers into the wacky cosmos they've created," said Phil Mansell, CEO of Jagex. We look forward to continuing to support Flying Wild Hog and Space Punks during the Open Beta and beyond.

On July 14th, 2021, Space Punks became live on the Epic Games Store Early Access. Space Punks will be free-to-play with the Open Beta launch, allowing even more fortune-hunters to join in on the cosmic glory quest. The Founders Pack is available for purchase at the Epic Games Store.

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