PlayStation London Studio Teases New Game On 20th Anniversary

New game will be an online co-op game set in a fantasy London

By AlexJohn, Posted 31 Oct 2022

London Studio was formed in 2002 with its first title being the open-world gangster game The Getaway. In the twenty years since the studio has become well-known for its innovative, interactive games making use of PlayStation's numerous peripherals. London Studio is responsible for the SingStar franchise and the Wonderbook, and also helped launch the PlayStation VR with VR Worlds. For studio co-heads Tara Saunders and Stuart Whyte (via, a "DNA of innovation within the studio" allows them to create various experimental games.

To celebrate London Studio's twentieth anniversary, the studio has revealed concept art for a new co-op title that they are working on. The currently untitled project will be, at least by Studio London's standards, a much more conventional game; yet Saunders has also called it the studio's most ambitious title to date. As such, the game will not be in VR or utilize peripherals, instead the studio "really wanted to explore some new avenues and set [themselves] some new challenges."


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Saunders and Whyte haven't revealed much about their new title, but it will be an online co-op game set in a modern fantasy London. From the concept art, it looks like an interesting mix of colorful, neon-infused magic set against a dark fantasy environment. A goblin can be seen using a laptop while sitting on a glitching telephone box, so who knows, maybe London Studios' new title is set in a simulation as well.  The new title is being made on London Studio's own Soho Engine, "an engine that [they have] rebuilt from the ground up for this generation of hardware and the needs of the game [they're] creating" (via SIE.Blog).

In the two decades that London Studio has been making PlayStation titles, they have prided themselves on their innovation and core values. While their new title does not use any of the peripherals they are known for, London Studio is excited to do "something similar but with a twist" and "bring some real magic and wonder to London."


Alex Johnson (@AlexJohnWriting)
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