PlayStation VR2 Launches At A High Price

PlayStation VR2 will cost a whopping $549.99 at launch.

By LCLupus, Posted 03 Nov 2022

Sony has announced on PlayStation Blog that their follow up to the successful PSVR headset will be significantly more expensive than that initial version. This time, you’ll be paying a whopping $549.99 for the luxury of playing VR on that PlayStation of yours. This is in stark contrast to the price for the original VR headset back in 2016, which was only $399. A price that was and is already very high, but it just got higher!

The new headset will be launching on 22 February 2023. It will also release the same day as the PlayStation VR2 Sense controller charging station, which will make charging the VR2’s controllers a lot simpler, but it will also mean forking over an additional $49.99 for the privilege of a better charging system.

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The announcement blog also reveals that there will be some bundles available that give you both the VR headset and a game, but the only bundle on display so far is Horizon Call of the Mountain, but perhaps more will be announced in the weeks and months prior to the launch date of the PlayStation VR2 in February of next year.

This new PlayStation VR2 headset boasts many features, such as headset feedback, eye tracking, 3D audio, adaptive triggers, and haptic feedback. Furthermore, you’ll have 2000 x 2040 HDR video resolution per eye to supplement your visual experience, alongside adjustable lens separation, a 110-degree field of view, and a 90Hz/120Hz panel refresh rate.

This thing should definitely be a much more comfortable VR experience than the experience offered by the VR1 headset because of its slimmer, lighter design, its integrated vent for air flow, and its lens adjustment dial. VR headsets continue to become more comfortable to wear over long periods of time, and we should expect that to continue with the next iteration too.

At present, pre-orders for this new hardware are only available in certain countries: U.S., U.K., France, Germany, Belgium, Netherlands and Luxembourg, and if you’re interested in registering for one, check the PlayStation website.

Justin van Huyssteen (@LC_Lupus)
Senior Editor, NoobFeed

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