We May Know What Final Fantasy XIV's Next Expansion Will Be

Fans of the critically acclaimed MMORPG FFXIV will be glad to know that we may have some insight into what the game's next major expansion will be.

By DShelley, Posted 29 May 2023

Final Fantasy XIV is arguably one of the most successful MMORPGs of the past decade, and since its latest expansion, fans have been dying to know what's next in store for them. In the game's latest expansion, The Dark Throne, we already have plenty of hints, the biggest one seemingly in plain sight. In the patch notes for the Endwalkers Void storyline, it would seem that the entire storyline is a love letter to Final Fantasy IV, and carries on the themes of death and purpose that were prominent in Final Fantasy 4's narrative.

It would seem that the game's director, Naoki Yoshida, has stayed true to his word as all the content within Endwalkers is standalone. With the Final Days successfully averted and the story of Hydaelyn and Zodiark being concluded, it's hard to tell what's to come next in the game's epic story that's run for well over a decade now. Despite fans not knowing what's coming next, the 6.4 patch notes for Endwalkers have been dropping hints as to what is coming next. The game has been teasing its next major expansion through strange and cryptic lines and images, which are seemingly appearing in the most random of scenes.

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We see this with a scene that includes the two characters, Thancred and Urianger's discussion between themselves, to Krile's paperwork. It seems that there are clues being dotted everywhere, but we just don't know how deep the rabbit hole goes. However, this hasn't stopped one player known as notColdReactive from deciphering what these all mean, and they may finally have a breakthrough. Krile's letter.

It would appear that if you were to turn your camera a certain way, within the Baldesion Annex in Old Sharlayan, the clipping will reveal a strange seal. While this may not appear to be anything special, many sharp-eyed players have pointed out that the seal resembles Marilith, the Fiend of Fire from the original Final Fantasy game. Others have also pointed out that it also looks like a dragon, which strongly implies that Meracydia will be the main setting of the next Final Fantasy XIV expansion.

There are also constant references to coming home in certain characters' dialogues, such as Erenville. This could be teasing the port city of Valnain and the Golmore Jungles, the birthplace of the Viera in Final Fantasy XIV. This is all currently speculation, as we will have to see what will come when the next expansion is eventually announced.

Daman Shelley (@UndeadandTired)
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