Escape from Tarkov Developer is Against Community Content

The developers of Escape From Tarkov have confirmed that they will be taking a much more strict approach against data mining the game and other community resources.

By DShelley, Posted 26 Jun 2023

Battlestate Games, who you may know as the developers of the tactical online FOS, Escape From Tarkov, has stated that they will "start taking action" against individuals who would try to datamine information about the game. As for what type of information they are referring to includes but is not limited to, boss spawn percentages, ammo damage, and a wealth of other details that aren't actually shown off in the full game itself.

Escape from Tarkov, is certainly a unique game and is arguably one of the better PvPvE video games that are currently on the market. However, despite this, the game has been going through a bit of a tough patch, well rougher than it usually is. The main reason for this was because a very prominent member of the game's community revealed that Escape From Tarkov is filled with cheaters. Although this was revealed a few months ago, the game's community as well as the game's developers themselves are still recovering from the backlash that it caused.

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The cheaters were able to become this prevalent through the use of data mining the game's contents. Up until quite recently, Battlestate Games hasn't really done anything to address the issue, but now it would seem that the developers have finally put their foot down on data mining and other community resources. In a recent official statement that was posted onto the studio's official Twitter account, the developers warn that "illegal" means of acquiring in-game information will no longer be condoned and asks that players respect their decision.

That's not to say that the developers don't want players to have more information about the game. Battlestate Games says that they would ask that players please refer to other supported sources of information such as the community-driven Tarkov Wikia page. However, this has led to more problems for the studio, that being that one of the wikia's top contributors, LogicalSolutions, is also a prominent EFT data miner. The only reason why the Wikia page has such accurate information was because it was datamined by LogicalSolutions themselves.

While LogicalSolutions’ data mining was done "illegally", it is ironic that the information bulked out most of the Wikia. This may not have been the best approach that Battlestate Games could have taken, many do believe that something had to, especially considering at one point over 60% of the game's matches were won by individuals who had used illegally datamined information.

Daman Shelley (@UndeadandTired)
Editor, NoobFeed

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