Peter Molyneux Regrets Overhyping His Games Yet Again

This will be quite a shocker, but Peter Molyneux is serious this time when he says he regrets it.

By AtillaTuran, Posted 06 Sep 2023

For those who do not know, Peter Molyneux is a game developer who used to work hand-in-hand with Microsoft. Titles like Populous, Black and White, and Fable are his well-crafted creations and they are still being talked to this day. With wild ideas and he was pretty much a prominent person in the late 90s to 2000s.

His ideas for video games were not far off from what one person could imagine at the time, whether it was graphics-related advancements that new technology could bring or the improvements to the game AI that would make the game very immersive to play. When he would get onto a stage to showcase his latest game, he would employ tactics to let people know about how important of a project he is in and so forth.

In a recent podcast that Peter attended, he was asked if he regrets the way he advertised his games back in the day. One thing Peter was notoriously known for was his way of overhyping and lying about certain aspects of the games he was working on. In order to grab the attention of the journalists and players who were interested in the title, he would employ this tactic and it would actually work. Now, he certainly does regret acting like that, however, this was not the first instance of him coming up with these statements.

After the Kinect fiasco, and supposedly the game that utilized very advanced AI usage, Peter realized how hefty was to mention promises that heavily rely on far-stretched remarks about his upcoming game and had to back out from overhyping people and apologize for his acts.

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From now on, he is planning to take a “pinch of salt” while trying to explain what his next project is going to be. It does give a huge promise, but in another interview with Peter a few months ago, he stated that his new game will provide “something that nobody has done it before”, which was brushed off by many people as it is now seen as normal behavior from Peter. 

At the end of the podcast, Peter talked about his next project without revealing any excessive details, which is good because he promised to not over-talk his projects and give out big promises. He said his project name is called “MOAT”, which could be anything. In past interviews, around the 2000s, he stated that the project names would constantly change and they would be different from what we know usually. Therefore, knowing about the codename of his project is a bit of a miss in terms of knowing what to expect. Currently, there are 25 people working on the project, and he stated there is still a lot of way to progress through before finally letting people know about his next project.

Atilla Turan (@burningarrow)
Editor, NoobFeed

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