Highly-Praised Boomer Shooter DUSK is Getting an HD Upgrade

DUSK is trying to copy some old FPS games with these mods and updates, it reminds us of the old days of freeware games.

By AtillaTuran, Posted 02 Oct 2023

The phenomenon of boomer shooters is on the rise. It is easy to find a developer focusing their interest on making FPS games that are completely tuned in like they were straight out of the 90s. Although it has been a few years since the genre has resurfaced, it has no intention of actually fading out anytime soon. Unlike the battle royale genre, which also started being popular around the same time as boomer shooters, it is still strong and praised by many.

There are some titles that brought the popularity to its maximum peak, especially 3D Realms and id Software making FPS games again. The small indie developer, David Szymanski along with New Blood Interactive, developed DUSK back in 2018 and we can easily claim that was the starting point for many other developers who wanted to be included in the movement. Nowadays we can actually see some of the bigger developers and publishers reviving old shooter games to grab some attention, some do have a successful entry, and some do not, unfortunately.

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Since the release of DUSK, there have been a few quality-of-life updates and scoreboard additions to the title, however, for its 5th anniversary, David Szymanski came up with a different addition. You see, most of these games are built around low-quality textures on purpose, to properly capture the feeling of the 90s. This time around though, the developer is planning to drop a trailer for the HD texture pack during the Halloween month, which is obviously October. The actual release date for the HD pack is expected around early December.

The story of the addition is quite peculiar. New Blood Interactive’s head David Oshry was approached by one of the well-known people in the DUSK community, Garumin. They said they wanted to turn every bit of the game into an HD remaster. Despite being against the code of the DUSK, after inspecting the showcase both New Blood and David found the changes to be spectacular and wanted the mod to be included in.

The HD update is going to be a free addition to DUSK and if you are not very fond of the mod, and want to play an enthusiastic version, you will be able to disable it through the options. If you find the original graphics of the DUSK to be too advanced, then you can try the “demastered” edition of DUSK called DUSK ‘82 for a total Amiga or ZX Spectrum feels too.

Atilla Turan (@burningarrow)
Editor, NoobFeed

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