Nintendo Files a Patent for a Handheld Console With Detachable Screen

It is basically a Nintendo DS but in a very unique way of working than what we got used to.

By AtillaTuran, Posted 30 Oct 2023

Since the 1990s, Nintendo has always been in pursuit of delivering very odd-looking consoles and controllers. Although one might see this as an experimental workaround for machines, so far Nintendo had no problems with their consoles and is generally known for being revolutionary. Their last console, the Nintendo Switch, also employs an extraordinary way of playing games compared to other consoles in the market right now.

As the Nintendo Switch is coming close to its 8th age, rumors of the Switch 2 started flooding in. There is a lot of trade of information going around, such as its design, upcoming games, and when it is going to be actually released. The topic that gets talked about a bunch is the design of course, since the first thing the people will perceive is how it looks. Most people are expecting the same idea of Nintendo Switch being developed further and brought back to life, just like how it happened with the change from Wii U to Switch.

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While Nintendo Switch 2 is expected to be revealed next year, some people want to dig around and find some information in the meantime. In recent showcases from the patent industry, one of its new patents Nintendo was extracted. The file was submitted last year in November, however, its public status was just changed and now we can see what sort of new console Nintendo was planning.

Considering the images, the design looks like a handheld console. The same could be said for the Switch as well, but it comes bundled with a dock, which allows you to play on the TV. In the patent photos, the console seems to be based on a Nintendo DS, therefore giving a strong suggestion of a handheld console. The interesting part is that the console has two separate screens and it can be detachable from another, basically the version of Nintendo DS if it could be separated and could be played by two people.

What makes this patent so odd is the fact that both of the screens face the same way once the contraption becomes one piece again. Both shoulder buttons look like they are straight from the Gameboy Advance and in order to use the buttons, you need to slide it upwards. Nintendo might be just messing around with the console design part, but this could be ultimately the console we could be getting with Switch 2.

Atilla Turan (@burningarrow)
Editor, NoobFeed

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