Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League's New Content To Be Revealed

Fans of both the Suicide Squad and Rocksteady, rejoice, as the developer has confirmed something is coming on 15 November.

By DShelley, Posted 15 Nov 2023

If you've been keeping up with the development of Rocksteady’s upcoming title Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice, you would definitely know that things have been suspiciously radio silent. Things seem to be heating up as the developer has confirmed they will be releasing a new series of videos that will give players the first real in-depth look at Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice since the game was first revealed.

For those of you who haven't been in the loop about the game, it is set in the Arkhamverse. The game was first announced back in 2020 and was revealed as a four-player co-op shooter similar to Square Enix's Marvel's Avengers. Players will be let loose as members of the Suicide Squad in the open-world of Metropolis, where as you could probably tell by the title of the game, they are tasked with killing the Justice League who have sadly fell victim to Brainiac’s most recent scheme. The game is set to release on 2 February 2024, and we are finally going to get our first real in-depth look at both the world and characters of Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice.

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Across all of the company's social media channels, Rocksteady has been hyping up their upcoming showcase which will feature a series of videos that go into detail about the game itself. The first of these videos is set to go live on Wednesday, 15 November 2023 at 10 AM PST. The video will show off the game's gameplay mechanics and story. We also got a new short teaser trailer, which shows that players will indeed have a chance to brutalize Justice league members as Superman and Green Lantern.

There's not a lot we know about the game as news has been incredibly slim, and with delay after delay, things were looking bleak for the game. Hopefully, the most recent delay going into 2024 will also be the last delay the game will experience. There's quite a bit of hype surrounding the game, especially as Kevin McConry will be voicing Batman in Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice. With the release of the game still being a ways off, Rocksteady is luckily set to release the Nintendo Switch port of the Batman: Arkham Trilogy, which has caused quite the controversy.

Daman Shelley (@UndeadandTired)
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