Destiny 2 Titan Looks Like The Pokemon Incineroar

Incineroa appears in Destiny 2 through players amazing armor design.

By FaithLane, Posted 09 Apr 2024

In Destiny 2 players are able to adjust their armor and character to look how they desire, and a character sets out to design one to look just like a certain cat-related Pokemon in the game. Players are able to make different armors that will give different stats, boosts, and bonuses, but this set was created solely to look like Incineroar, which is a Dark and Fire-type Pokemon that many probably have seen recently in the Pokemon GO community day last month. 

Litten is a starter Pokemon from the video game Pokemon Sun and Moon, which was available on the 3DS back in Gen 7. The fully evolved Pokemon then turns into Incineroar. Something else that is even cooler about this Pokemon is how it was actually turned into a Super Smash Bros. Ultimate character as well. This muscular-looking feline could be unlocked in the game and used in Smash Battles.

The player that decided to do this actually posted photos on Reddit. The user BaxxBreaker shares the suit they made, which was fully inspired by the Incineroar Pokemon. It is amazing to look at because even though all the player did was match up the colors on the armor to the Pokemon, they did a good job at getting enough objects to line up to make the armor look just like Incineroar, and it is really impressive. 

Something that makes posts like this even more fun is seeing the passion put into it; not only is this gamer into Destiny 2, but also Pokemon, and they wanted to combine the two together. Players do similar things in games like Disney Dreamlight Valley or Animal Crossing, where they get to customize their world and add all their favorite things, and it is amazing to see their personalities everywhere once they are done. Below is a list of the items the user used to make their armor according to GameRant.

  • Synthoceps Gauntlets
  • Crawling Chaos Greaves
  • Lion's Might Helmet
  • Lion's Might Mark Ornament
  • Pfhorian Plate

Furthermore, this is a Titan Guardian, and that’s the specific gear for its class. It is really cool that this player took the time to make such an amazing suit that looks so similar to Incineroar. Hopefully, more players will make stuff like this in Destiny 2 as well once they see about this custom design that favors Pokemon. Stay tuned for more Destiny 2 and Pokemon news.

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