Indie Exploration Game Eidolon Gets a Release Trailer and It Looks Pretty

Indie Developer Ice Water Games reveals Eidolon's Release Trailer.

By XboxBetty, Posted 29 Jul 2014

Another indie game makes its way through Steam Greenlight with a slew of other, typical, mediocre games. Ice Water Games' Eidolon, on the other hand, will hopefully rise above, proving itself worthy to fans and providing a new light for the often disappointing games of Steam Greenlight.  

"A narrative exploration game set in a massive, post-human Western Washington," Eidolon immediately defends the notion that games are art, looking similar to the likes of Secrets of Raetikon and Shelter, even Kentucky Route Zero.

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Underneath its artsy design, Eidolon is more than just a pretty face. Exploring the assumed sad, dreary world that is Western Washington is quite the opposite in the year 2400. With a civilization long gone, players set out to uncover the mysteries of those that once thrived on the landscape, collecting journals, sketchbooks, transcripts and other documents.

"It is a game about history, curiosity, interconnectedness, and the slow and inevitable beauty of life," writes the developer adding, "You must spend your fleeting moments moving through this place, collecting these memories, and piecing together what happened to these people, both from a historical perspective and from a much more personal one."

Ice Water Games, Eidolon, Steam, Greenlight, Greenlit, Indie, PC, Mac, Gaming, Video Game, NoobFeed, News

Along with revealing the release trailer, Ice Water Games has launched Eidolon's Steam page, full of all the oh-so-pretty screenshots, trailers and gameplay footage any indie fan could ask for.

Eidolon will release on PC through Steam and the Humble Store this Friday, August 1 for $15. From the developer, "Mac builds may be delayed due to iOS-specific bugs." 

As with every other Greenlight game that catches my eye, I'm of course full of excitement, however, after release I'm often disappointed, siding with those who wish to see the program's demise. I cross my fingers again, hoping Eidolon shines, helping to confirm why I love supporting Greenlight games.

Megan Bethke (@XboxBetty), NoobFeed

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