Overwatch Season 2 Will Have Tiers and Removal of Sudden Death

Don't expect the same competitive experience

By Grayshadow, Posted 16 Aug 2016

Key changes are coming to Overwatch's competitive mode including the removing of sudden death tiebreakers and the return of competitive tiers.

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Jeff Kaplan said in a developer's update video that the 1-100 skill ratings will be replaced with a 1-5000 rating with tiers: bronze, silver, gold, and diamond. Once players reach a certain rank they won't fall down to a lower tier for the season, but players who reach master and grand master can drop if their performance suffers. Rewards will be disrupted based on your highest tier for the season. Those who reached diamond master or grand master will lose 50 skill rating points if they remain inactive in competitive Overwatch for more than 7 days every 24 hours each day. Top 500 players must have a minimum of 50 matches played.

Competitive points have been multiplied by 10x, golden guns costing 10x more as well. Kaplan explained the reasoning for this is to reward players who happen to get into a sudden-death period.

Kaplan also indicated that sudden death and coin toss will be gone completely. Rare instances when ties do happen players will get competitive points for matches.

Skill Rating will become more of a priority for players who feel they're unfairly grouped with highly skilled players.

Overwatch is now available Xbox One, PS4, and PC. Season 1 will end August 17th, season 2 will begin September 6th.

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