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Pix the Cat will give you Cat Quack Fever!

By TAYLOS, Posted 10 Feb 2017

After arriving on PS4, PS Vita and PC, Pix the Cat has finally set its paws on Xbox One. This euphoric arcade-style game is such a refreshing change of pace compared to playing the over-saturated triple-A titles that seem to overshadow little bundles of joy like Pix the Cat. The aesthetics of this game remind you of the Pac-Man Championship Edition meet Centipede and the gameplay style almost has the madness compared to that of a Bomberman game.

Pix The Cat, Xbox One, Review, Screenshots, NoobFeed

The mechanics of this game are simple and intuitive. The menu is easy to navigate through and one will come to find that for the price, this game comes jam-packed with all kinds of features and modes of play that will have gamers spending countless hours trying to reach the coveted highest-score and achievements.

The object of the game is simple; navigate our hero Pix the Cat through twists and turns of a seemingly endless series of mazes while collecting eggs placed throughout the level. Each of the eggs that you collect instantly hatch into a trail of little ducklings that you have to drag along behind in an attempt to drop them off in carefully placed targets throughout each level. The more eggs you collect, the longer the trail of ducklings become and this is where the game starts to become challenging. The trick is trying to build up ones combo multiplier and not to run into your duckling tail or walls, which will result in a “combo breaker.” Aside from racing against time, there are no certain amounts of lives you have. However, the challenge lies in building up ones score to unlock bonuses and levels.

Once you've got the movement down and start figuring out tricks to cut time, this is when the game becomes very rewarding. The game gives you an immense feeling of satisfaction once you start unlocking some of the bonuses such as announcer packs, art work and funky music soundtracks.

Pix The Cat, Xbox One, Review, Screenshots, NoobFeed

There are several modes of play beginning with Arena. This is a mode that is meant to be played locally. Since most people rarely play together on one console these days, it is nice to know the developers added this option, just in case one feels the need to hand out some beatings to your buddies talking smack. It allows two players to duke it out on one console that is set up Bomberman style. Players must use their skills and whit to defeat their opponent.

Now let’s dive into Laboratory mode, which happened to be one of my favorites. This is the “puzzle” mode of play. The object of this game is to take navigate Pix through a maze to collect eggs and drop them off in a target zone. However, at first glance it would appear to be similar to the “Arcade” mode but it is far from it. This mode requires a lot more careful thought and precision. The part that makes things interesting, yet difficult is that each move you make, Pix keeps moving until he hits a wall or enemy and the number of moves determine your rank and score. I found this mode to be very analytical and fun trying to chart out your next move.

Lastly, we have Nostalgia mode which is just as much fun as any of the gaming modes offered. Essentially, those familiar with the game Snake will easily pick up on the concept. Eggs generate randomly throughout the level and you have to pick each one up and take caution not trying to run into your own tail. What makes this mode unique is that different elements are thrown in and gamers will find themselves teleporting in and out of multiple stages which adds a frustrating, yet satisfying challenge to a very classic game type.

Pix the Cat is one of those games that come along every so often that gives you a much needed distraction after a long stint of playing routine triple-A titles. Without taking too much away from Pix, its simplicity is what truly makes this game gorgeous. The trance-like music, the visuals and controls are straight forward and stick to a simple formula. I found myself getting sucked into the game trying to unlock all the bonuses and high scores.

Pix The Cat, Xbox One, Review, Screenshots, NoobFeed

For the price of $9.99, it’s safe to say that Pix the Cat is a game that is worth splurging a few bucks on, especially if one is looking for a few hours of mindless entertainment. With daily challenges, various game modes, local multiplayer, online leaderboards and hundreds of levels to traverse through, Pix the Cat will make gamers repeatedly magnetize toward its addictive style of play.

Pix the Cat is currently available for the Xbox One, Playstation 4, Playstation Vita and Steam.

Tao Dawkins, NoobFeed

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