Super Mario Odyssey Nintendo Switch Review

Super Mario Odyssey is a straightforward insanely beautiful game that kept me smiling throughout, it’s a true masterpiece

By Grayshadow, Posted 27 Oct 2017

Super Mario Odyssey shows exactly what makes a 3D Mario game great. It constantly surprises you with new ways to use your existing ability with inventive mechanics within the expertly designed levels. Each one offering dynamic gameplay and teeming with charismatic charm it was hard to stop playing. Super Mario Odyssey is a straightforward insanely beautiful game that kept me smiling throughout, it’s a true masterpiece.  

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Super Mario Odyssey honors and shows inspiration from all the 3D sandbox Mario games. Mixing together 2D gameplay with the 3D world complements the use of new gameplay mechanics such as the possession power adds constant variety to Mario’s abilities. The story remains the same constant cycle of Bowser kidnapping Princess Peach and Mario saving her but just like Super Mario Galaxy, Sunshine, and 64 but it’s the gameplay that makes Odyssey into such a masterpiece.

While Odyssey has fewer abilities than other recent 3D Mario games it’s Cappy, Mario’s latest sidekick, the power of possession that gives Odyssey its own unique mechanic that overshadows this. When thrown Mario’s body is slurped into the enemy’s body, giving the player full control and use of their powers. Cappy can also be used as a weapon, thrown like a Boomerang, and a jumping pad making it just as useful as F.L.U.D.D. from Sunshine. If you have 2 controllers another player can take control of Cappy defeating enemies, collecting coins, and possessing enemies while another player takes control of Mario. And unlike Mario 64 you won’t lose health for not having a hat on your head.

The opportunities of possessing others play a primary role throughout Super Mario Odyssey. Whether it’s taking control of a caterpillar to stretch along large gaps or using a Pokio bird to climb unreachable heights. There’s usually something available that can be taken control of and used for their abilities. Cappy’s ability ensures that you don’t just work for these Power Moons but enjoy the adventure getting to them.

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It’s hard not to discuss the charming and most incredible possession targets in Odyssey. Each of the 17 worlds offered a wealth of options of how to tackle each objective. ­­­ Called Kingdoms these stages are varied and broad, littered with challenges and rewards that justify exploring every inch. The entire campaign is teeming with options of how to use the simple gameplay mechanics in new, game-changing, ways regularity. Even during the final moment's unique discoveries were constantly being introduced that left me in awe.

Your ultimate hunt for Power Moons is what takes Mario to these locations. Like in past Mario games obtaining these Moons will require platforming skills and completing challenges such answering questions from a simple-minded Sphinx. There are 501 Power Moons in the game and while are simpler than others collecting them all will require a great degree of ambition and drive.

Like other Super Mario games, you can expect a lot of nostalgia peppered into the new contemporized gameplay. Entering a pixelated pipe that transported me to a 2D challenge stage that resembles a stage from The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds is one example of many retro easter eggs placed within the gameplay. Bending reality is a common theme through with 2D scenes around 3D environments, gravity changing, and enemies acting in new ways like something out of Super Mario Maker. Odyssey is one of the best examples of ambitious creativity I’ve seen this generation, surpassing Super Mario Galaxy 2.

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The soundtrack was one of Odyssey’s best qualities. Every soundtrack, whether retro or original, complemented each setting to a wonderful degree. Even after completing the campaign I couldn’t get the song Jump Up, Super Star out of my head.

In previous Mario games, the plumber was limited to a few costume changes, and these were limited outfits that fit the power he was using. This time around Mario can mix together various types of hats and outfits that the player wants. You can find costumes inspired by Yoshi’s Cookie, Mario Tennis, and other games from Nintendo. Each Kingdom offers 2 stores where you can pick up new clothes with one specifically taking unique coins that are limited in supply and the other generic coins. Some are unlocked by obtaining Power Moons and others by having the right Amiibo. While these costumes rarely play a role in gameplay having them does add to the long-haul feeling of like everything leads to more rewards.

Playing the game on the TV or in handheld mode is completely dependent on the player. I didn’t notice any issues while playing in either mode, and the game ran at a solid 60 frames per second in both modes.

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This being said Super Mario Odyssey isn’t particularly challenging. There are definitely stages that will test your platforming skills and levels that demand your absolute best but for the most part, Odyssey wants the player to enjoy themselves. Most boss fights, while wonderfully designed, are pretty easy compared to Super Mario Galaxy and Galaxy 2. Gold coins are plentiful and with the removal of the life counter players simply have to pay 10 coins to start again from the liberally distributed checkpoint system. With the exception of the final Power Moon challenges nothing stood out as significantly hard. Here is where the power will be up against a punishing gauntlet where death means you start from the beginning.

Super Mario Odyssey is full of innovative gameplay and original levels that it easily can eat up your time. The story simply serves as a goal for the player but the in-game introduction of new platforming action that constantly created unexpected mechanics filled me with joy and excitement. Super Mario Odyssey is a true treasure from beginning to end that shows great gameplay can overshadow anything.

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