Madden NFL 23 PlayStation 5 Review

Madden NFL 23 has shown indications that this franchise is moving forward.

By Kratos, Posted 01 Sep 2022

Madden NFL 23 has finally arrived, as we are approaching a brand-new NFL season. As of now, we are enjoying pre-season, but it is fine because, as long as we are getting some football back in our lives, we are more than happy. It has been a long time coming, but we are now getting some NFL action, and we are so pumped for the season to start. And surely, as football fans, one of the ways we usually prepare for the upcoming season is by playing Madden games. This is why it is great that they typically release the games in August. What a time to be a football fan.

As you may know, about nine months ago, the iconic John Madden sadly passed away. This left the world with shock and sadness. The man revolutionized the game of football, and because of this, there became a game named after him from 1988 onwards. The man has cemented his legacy in the sport, and we will never forget him. To pay homage, the latest installment heavily features the great man himself. Not only does the cover art star the man himself, as he should be, but there’s also a separate mode for him.

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This is called the ‘John Madden Legacy game’, and it is arguably one of the best ways to pay respects and celebrate him as a coach and as a broadcaster. With this feature, you have the option to play as either the AFC or NFC, and with each one, you are able to use some of the biggest legends of the sport, such as Deion Sanders, Brett Favre, Ray Lewis, and of course the greatest of all time, Tom Brady. Plus, this mode will take you through Madden’s history, including all the teams he had coached.

When playing this mode, I had the chance to know much more about the man, as well as contain a sense of nostalgia, which led to me struggling to contain my emotions. This is a fantastic game mode, and any Madden player will have sentimental thoughts. Say what you want about EA Sports, but this mode represents a very classy move on their part.

Madden NFL 23 has a huge task to accomplish. A large percentage of Madden players often say that the game has not been at its best in recent years. Some had even claimed that the underlying areas of the recent games were copy and paste, and a few features and new seasons were implemented. But, with Madden NFL 23, the developer assures us that this one will be much different from the others. While also promising to fix key issues.

Madden NFL 23, PS5, PlayStation 5, Review, Madden NFL, Gameplay, Screenshots, NoobFeed

From playing, I can honestly say that, although it isn’t phenomenal, some improvements make Madden more enjoyable, and the game still needs more work done. Having said that, this is the best Madden game in recent years. So, you can tell the franchise is heading in the right direction. Which is a huge positive, especially how previous Madden games turned out within several years.

Madden NFL 23’s game mode has improved, and it needed it. You will notice considerable changes that were made. Firstly, obviously, the John Madden Legacy game mode that was explained earlier. Then there's the franchise mode that required strengthening. With this mode, it possesses brand new features that elevate it. One is the player tags, that aid you in managing your roster more efficiently. Then there’s the free agency hub that lets players exercise actions such as place offers and manage player signings.

Another one is the player motivations that expand negotiations on contracts, and players' motivations are based on components such as playing potential, state taxes, and legacy. There’s also scouting, where you are now able to scout multiple positions at a go. This is one feature I am relieved has changed because, in previous games, you could only scout one position at a time, and this wasted much more time. Now, in Madden NFL 23, scouting has become far more flexible and less time-consuming.

The face of the franchise mode has gotten a facelift. Such as player progression that has increased in flexibility. Players are now able to develop their character in any way they see fit, and it is about time we are given that much independence. You can now play as a cornerback, which is the new position included. There are many other changes, like opting to participate in different side activities during mid-week. With the significant changes that were made, this mode is more delightful.

Madden NFL 23, PS5, PlayStation 5, Review, Madden NFL, Legacy Game, John Madden, Gameplay, Screenshots, NoobFeed

Madden NFL 23’s gameplay has improved, but there are a few noticeable issues. This is the first of the franchise to introduce the brand new fieldSENSE system that aims to provide more authenticity and take your Madden gaming experience to the next level. fieldSENSE has become the main thing that made the franchise interesting again. It did take me some time to get used to the new system, but after doing so, it gets a lot livelier. 

It isn’t perfect, but it is a massive step in the right direction. This is progress. There’s something, and hopefully, they will improve on this in future Madden games. The passing system isn’t too good, though. In many instances, it felt like no matter how well the quarterback threw the ball or what difficulty it was on, the opponent would intercept the passes with ease.

Because of this, I would mostly play it safe by executing much shorter passes or picking tactics that involved running with the football. I get that they are going for a much more realistic approach, but it shouldn’t be this complicated because this almost never happens in the NFL.

Madden NFL 23’s graphics are inconsistent. The visuals are stunning; as we are in the current gen model, the colors and pixels are much sharper and more vibrant. The designs of the players, kits, fields, stadiums, etc are gorgeous. However, the animations need a little work. Especially when tackling players, sometimes I would encounter a glitch where my players would be in contact with the opponents, and they wouldn't even touch the grass for the play to stop.


Also, I feel that the players running look more robotic than human-like should be talked about. This is just one of the little things that can make a big difference to the game’s presentation, and it would look better if their movements were fluid. Not much I can say about Madden NFL 23’s audio other than it’s subjective. Some of you may like most or even some of the tracks, but I could only vibe to a couple.  

Madden NFL 23 has given me hope in this franchise in moving forward. Although there are some issues that may be fixed with some patches, there are many other changes that led this installment to be the best Madden game in years. And, of course, with the introduction of the new fieldSENSE system that is becoming a revelation to the franchise, it’s no wonder why this is the case. Also, with the new NFL season coming soon, this will surely be an excellent year for the players.

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