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Nintendo attempted to give another coat of paint to a ten years old game as if it were brand new.

By SnowWhite, Posted 03 Jul 2024

There have been varying comments from Nintendo fans about the announcement of Luigi's Mansion 2 HD. To some, the prospect of seeing this adorable story again in a Switch adaptation seems like a quick way to make money, but to others, it's much anticipated. Despite Luigi's Mansion 2's popularity on the 3DS, many Nintendo fans are ranting about the news of its HD remake on the Switch since $60 on a game that's been out for a decade and hasn't added much new content.

Luigi's Mansion 2 HD, Review, Switch, Gameplay, Screenshots

There was a lot of anticipation among longtime Nintendo fans for how the Switch would breathe fresh life into beloved franchise titles. Sadly, the added pricing seems to have bought us what seems like a stripped-down port rather than an ambitious remake. It makes one wonder whether Nintendo is capitalizing on the nostalgia market. But before we dismiss Luigi's Mansion 2 HD as a money grab, let's go back to the original game's greatness.

With its distinct combination of spooky ambiance and playful appeal, Luigi's Mansion 2—or Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon—which was released in 2013 for the Nintendo 3DS—became an instant favorite among fans. After being overshadowed by his brother, Luigi, the game's main character, decided to take on the responsibilities of a savior. Playing as Luigi in Luigi's Mansion 2, we praised the game's intriguing level design over five unique homes, each featuring a unique concept and riddles.

The Poltergust 5000, a ghost-sucking vacuum, introduced an extra strategic and entertaining dimension to the gameplay. This diversity kept things interesting and fun all the way through, and the game's charm and wit were on full display in Luigi's movements and responses, setting it apart from other Nintendo titles. Among the many compelling arguments in favor of owning a 3DS, this game's haunting rooms exude an air of imaginative appeal and great care for detail.

However, Luigi's Mansion 2 was more than meets the eye. It has great replay value as well. The presence of booze and gems, two hidden treasures, enticed players to explore every corner of each level. The game deftly used the 3DS's singularities—its dual-screen arrangement and realistic 3D—to create an engaging and absorbing journey that seemed crafted for the portable system.

Luigi's Mansion 2 HD, Review, Switch, Gameplay, Screenshots

To sum up, Luigi's Mansion 2 was a game that redefined Nintendo's potential. Ingenious, endearing, and well-designed. Fans' cherished recollections of this 3DS vintage jewel are understandable. The fact that the game was so successful demonstrates that Nintendo is capable of creating adventures that players will remember for a very long time after the game is over and even after completing it.

This leads us back to the primary factor of the situation, which is the fact that Luigi's Mansion 2 HD costs sixty dollars. What gives Nintendo the right to demand full payment for a game that has been out for more than 10 years? Are we getting our money's value from these upgrades?

On the other hand, is this just the latest instance of a company capitalizing on retro trends for financial gain? The disparities between the 3DS original and the purported HD port on Switch are as glaring as daybreak. The visuals may be a little clearer, but what about the rest of it makes it worth buying the full price?

While I can see why some of you would be surprised to hear this, Nintendo has a history of outrageously high prices. It doesn't make it right, even if it's true. Compare your company's remastering practices against those of others. Consider Crash Bandicoot N. Sane trilogy.

You get three completely revamped games with plenty of extra content and enhancements for the price of one Luigi's Mansion 2 HD. Even the Spyro Reignited trilogy. Just as before, but for a fraction of the price that Nintendo is charging for this reimagined version, you get three gorgeously improved masterpieces with updated settings and gameplay adjustments.

Luigi's Mansion 2 HD, Review, Switch, Gameplay, Screenshots

It's the idea behind it, not only the absence of fresh information, that annoys me. As Nintendo enthusiasts, we have repeatedly shown our commitment to the company for a long period. We have paid for expensive add-ons and subscriptions to their web services—the latter of which merits its own story.

To put it bluntly, this is hurtful. It's like Nintendo is bringing back a beloved 3DS game, and to play it again with almost no modifications, you may now pay us twice as much. Even worse, though? Nintendo is well aware of the persuasive power of nostalgia and the fact that true Luigi fans would reluctantly part with their hard-earned cash to own this game on Nintendo Switch. This, however, fails to be fair, and this is not an excuse for us to remain quiet.

Perhaps I feel exaggerated. Perhaps this remaster has more going for it than what first seems. Is Nintendo doing anything special to make that price tag seem reasonable? While remastering Luigi's Mansion 2 for HD, Nintendo appears to have missed a golden chance.

It would have been more innovative and valuable to fans if they had used this opportunity to introduce new features rather than just repackaging an old game. Consider all the ways it might work. Extra content that adds levels to the plot and a co-op multiplayer option that allows you to join up in different regions are available as downloadable content for the original game.

If Nintendo had included these types of features, the $60 price tag would have been more justified, and fans would have seen that the company takes gaming seriously. Even Nintendo can manage to pull off amazing remasters from time to time. Take a look at Link's Awakening, the reimagined Zelda game that brought a fresh graphic style and enhanced its overall experience.

Luigi's Mansion 2 HD, Review, Switch, Gameplay, Screenshots

When dealing with a firm of Nintendo's ilk, fans anticipate this kind of dedication and care. Rather than paying tribute to a popular game, what we get here is a stripped-down version that seems like an attempt at profiteering.

Sadly, Luigi's Mansion 2 HD isn't the only one that follows this pattern of expensive yet unfinished remakes. Another good example is Super Mario 3D All-Stars, which included three iconic titles in one package but had few new features and a short release window that gave the impression of being intentionally scarcity-driven.

Despite being ten years old and not having many significant upgrades over the original, The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword HD was also lambasted for its full price tag. Because Nintendo is known for its innovative and creative past, this is a real disappointment. Their innovative games and technologies have shaken up the gaming industry time and time again.

But when it comes to remakes, they are satisfied to ride the wave of fond memories instead of taking risks. It is difficult for fans to suppress feelings of regret and wasted opportunity. Pretend for a second if Nintendo remastered its games with the same fearless creativity that characterizes their finest works. Consider the alternative: a reimagined Luigi's Mansion 2 HD that made full use of the Switch's hardware, complete with physics-based challenges and landscapes that could be destroyed.

Would fans have rushed to purchase Super Mario 3D All-Stars on launch day if it had included a brand new, exclusive game in addition to the classics? Nintendo seemed satisfied to maintain a minimal approach, despite the boundless potential.

Luigi's Mansion 2 HD, Review, Switch, Gameplay, Screenshots

Looking back at Nintendo's general course and the HD remake of Luigi's Mansion 2, it's easy to see why fans are becoming more frustrated. Those who have stuck with Nintendo through the good times and the bad will feel slighted by the $60 price tag for a version of a game that has hardly improved from a decade ago.

It would have been great if this iconic brand used this chance to be creative and provide the value that its fans have grown to deserve. However, we must not forget the original reason for our adoration of Nintendo.

When it comes to gaming, their enchantment and enchantment are unparalleled. At their peak, they have the power to make memories that will last a lifetime. Despite our dissatisfaction with the HD remake of Luigi's Mansion 2, Nintendo has nevertheless provided us with incalculable hours of entertainment.

Nintendo's present strategy of handling remasters and ports seem insufficient; they should begin to treat these projects with the same carefulness and imagination as their original games. Nintendo, with the correct attitude and a readiness to hear out their customers, might revolutionize the remastered game genre, particularly considering how often remastered games appear in the roster instead of brand-new original releases.

Luigi's Mansion 2 HD, Review, Switch, Gameplay, Screenshots, NoobFeed

But can we anticipate this from the gaming giant that was once known for its innovativeness? Luigi's Mansion 2 HD seems to be a reversal for a company that is renowned for breaking new ground and I can't recommend this game until the price goes down below $30.

Asura Kagawa (@AsuraKagawa)
Editor, NoobFeed

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