Look at what I just got

By Degtyarev, Posted 10 Nov 2011


Were you expecting MW3, perhaps?


Well, I decided this would be more worth my while. ArmA X Anniversary Edition includes all Arma games, expansions, DLCs, updates and fruitbats released to date. It even includes the original Operation Flashpoint (the spiritual predecessor to the series), rebranded ArmA: Cold War Assault, along with the expansion pack. Further more, all games are packaged in separate, digipack-styled boxes, all of which include the respective original front cover art and backflap. As if that wasn't enough, you also get 8 rather cIassy post cards and several maps of the levels. Finally, the Cold War Assault disc includes over 4 gigs of digital extras, including the complete soundtracks to all the games, wallpapers, desktop icons, high-res promotional pictures and tutorial videos.


The price of this pack? 50 euros. The price of a new PC game. Hell, less than the aforementioned MW3. When I primarily reviewed games for Gamespot (the user section; don't get too excited), the only 10/10 score I ever gave out was to Metroid Prime Trilogy for the Wii. ArmA X, however, dwarves even that in terms of content. Hell, even the Orange Box has met its match. There's about 8 campaigns (maybe even more, I lost count) to play through, as well as tons of separate single player levels. Then there's the expansive multiplayer, and the godlike editor that makes for endless possibilities. Sure, Arma has a reputation of bugginess and thus not every piece of content is easy to enjoy at all times, but with so many things to do, who really cares? Especially if you're a total fanboy like me. Man, I have to postpone my purchase of Skyrim or I'll never sleep again.


That's it; just wanted to share my enthusiasm. Greetings from Takistan.


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  • I did indeed think it was going to be a MW3 blog lol

    looks quite nice indeed.

    Greetings from Dominican Republic! :D

    Posted Nov 10, 2011

  • Awesome purchase, Jesse. Have fun!! 

    Posted Nov 10, 2011

  • Says the guy who hates MW series ;P j/k. A good collection to have. Now go and knock yourself out.

    Don't rule out Skyrim already. This is one game you can't miss if you are a fan. Though I won't be playing it soon either. My schedule for Skyrim is doing to be during the next summer break if not Christmas.

    Posted Nov 10, 2011

  • @Amaya Well, Arma is the complete opposite of MW (apart from the setting), so the purchase makes sense. :)


    And I'll have to pass up on Skyrim, for the simple reason that I'm quite short on cash...

    Posted Nov 10, 2011

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