As of late I've been playing a lot of HD collections, and can't help but feel that some games need to be brought back. Also been playing a lot of the Devil May Cry HD collection, and thought how awesome it would just to have one more crack at some games.  So, I have composed a list of what I feel needs a good re-release or even just a total make over. 


5. Megaman X HD collection


megaman x Pictures, Images and Photos


The bluebomber has been put in the dog house as of late by Capcom. But how awesome would it be to see Megaman X make a return in high definition?  Just a revamp of 1080p and presented in wide-screen would make a very good gaming experience even better.  Megaman X is more known for its darker and more mature content unlike the megaman everyone knows.  Going back and remastering the Megaman X would be a very interesting experience and maybe our younger generation could have a wonderful gaming experience. 


4. Breath of Fire series HD collection


breath of fire 4 Pictures, Images and Photos


I've never played any of these games, but would personally would love to play the Breath of Fire series.  Capcom is not known for its RPG'S, but when these games came out on the Super Nintendo and PlayStation 1, I felt like I had to play these games. Just never got around to doing it.  Maybe it might happen and maybe it won't.  But I would love to play these games on my brand new 40 inch samsung widescreen HD 1080p television. 


3. Suikoden Series HD Collection


Suikoden II Pictures, Images and Photos


This is an RPG developed by Konami.  A very good RPG that has been dormant for a while now. The first two games are really good.  After the release of the third game it just seemed like this series just fell off the map.  With a re-release of the Suikoden series in high definition, I'm pretty sure fans of the RPG genre would flock to this game and love it.  With the ability to recruit over a 100 party members for your party and castle, this series had a lot of depth.  A blend of 2D characters and 3D environments, and 6 people in your party at once, Suikoden was a really fun series and a re-release would help Konami out in my honest opinion.


2. Grand Theft Auto HD Collection


GTA Pictures, Images and Photos


Grand Theft Auto has a ton of games out.  But people forget the roots of the game.  Rockstar games GTA series originally was an over the head camera driving game.  Go back to the games roots and bring back the games that started it all.  GTA 3, Vice City, San Andreas, and the PSP games wouldn't be a bad idea in HD either.  But most people did not start playing the series till Grand Theft Auto 3.  So let's have a re-release of the original 2D games that started the madness.  These games are very fun and should be played again.


1. Kingdom Hearts HD Collection


kingdom hearts Pictures, Images and Photos


It's been 10 years since Kingdom Hearts was released.  It won the hearts of many gamers with the Disney and Square crossover.  Since its release, many fans have begged Square-Enix to make Kingdom Hearts 3 come out as soon as possible.  But instead there has been nothing but spin-offs.  To tide fans of the series over why not just release an HD Collection?  Plus there are many new fans of the series who haven't played any of the older games.  A re-release of Kingdom Hearts 1 and 2 would surely tide fans over until Kingdom Hearts 3 actually gets an announcement.  The series is 10 years old now, Square-Enix should make this happen.  It wouldn't hurt to make an extra buck or two wouldn't it?

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  • While i do share my thoughts on these (not so much GTA) I would really love to see the secret of mana series being brought back. As well as the super nintendo and ps1 "Tales of" series. And i shall not even begin to mention Chrono Trigger as that will have me talking for hours. And i know im missing one super game which escapes my mind, but maybe for another time lol

    Posted Apr 15, 2012

  • Do you really think GTA needs HD remake? Also I doubt there will be any such collection on the Megaman series. Specially after the last incident with X.

    Posted Apr 16, 2012

  • Can't say I would care for the first four too much. Kingdom Hearts 2 was the only I played and I liked it quite a bit. 


    I would want to see a Xenosaga re-release, all 3 games, I've played the first one so many times my ps2 now has issues loading it up if it loads at all.  Come to think of it I got Xenosaga Episode One and Two as well as Kingdom Hearts 2 with my PS2 when I bought it at a pawn shop....they lasted quite a while considering it was used for awhile before I got it! Ahh the PS2... 


    But yes I'd choose Xenosaga re-release. Though I would love another Xenosaga title even more. Sucks they had to abandon the real plans for that series. :(

    Posted Apr 17, 2012

  • @deliduck what they need to do is release Xenosaga episode 4 and 5 and then rework Xenogears and combine them together. stupid copyrights prevents those idiots from admiting the games are linked, but Xenogears is technically episode 6 of the series. Of course by rework xenogears i mean make it prettier and shinier, but leave battle system and everything else just how it is.

    Posted Apr 17, 2012

  • @deliduck

    I love Xenogears but really couldn't get into Xenosaga.  It would be a really good time to get into that series indeed.

    Posted Apr 21, 2012

  • @Amaya love for old GTA?  lol!  Megaman X is still really cool to me.  My favorite X game is Megaman X4.  The anime cutscenes in X4 are really cool.  Plus playing with Zero is like playing hard mode.

    Posted Apr 21, 2012

  • @Dramus

    Mana series is an axcellent series.  But Breath of Fire has been gone for way to long.  I know Chrono Trigger would be good but I think we just had a Nintendo DS release not to long ago with added extras.

    Posted Apr 21, 2012

  • @Redwolf37 yea but i have yet to play one of the ports that was worth my while. I wish they would bring it back in all its glory.

    Posted Apr 21, 2012

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