Any OSRS player has come across at least once over a scimitar. These curved swords especially stand out at the beginning of the game, where the medieval atmosphere is most prevalent. They look like they can slice through goblins and other monsters and even players alike with ease, like a knife through butter. Even their in-game description states “A vicious, curved sword”. If you want one of these bad boys yourself and go full berserk on monsters that are the plague of Gielinor, we present you with 10 Best Scimitars in Old School RuneScape.

10. Steel Scimitar

Steel Scimitar, Top 10, Best, Scimitars, Old School, RuneScape

Steel scimitar is a basic scimitar and not the most impressive in itself. However, if you’re a beginner grinding combat XP, this is your best choice, at least for a while.            
Steel scimitar stats: stab bonus: 3 / slash bonus: 15 / strength bonus: 14
Requirements: 5 attack
Steel scimitar can be acquired in the GE, bought at Zeke’s Superior Scimitars in Al Kharid, or made with level 35 smithing.

9. Black Scimitar

Black Scimitar, Top 10, Best, Scimitars, Old School, RuneScape

One of the best looking early game weapons, this scimitar is a direct upgrade from the steel scimitar and should be used as soon as possible. On paper, the bonus is not that great, however, it adds up when grinding.
Black scimitar stats: stab bonus: 4 / slash bonus: 19 / strength bonus: 14
Requirements: 10 attack           
Unfortunately, players cannot make black scimitar, so the best way to acquire it fast is to buy it off the GE. Otherwise, gangsters and gang bosses drop it. It is also found in King Latha's’ Castle, which can be entered with level 61 thieving, which is not an option for a low-level character.

8. Mithril Scimitar

Mithril Scimitar, Top 10, Best, Scimitars, Old School, RuneScape

Though this scimitar does not shine when orcs or goblins are nearby, it sure does compensate for that with its damage and helps you in battling those pesky monsters. An upgrade from a black scimitar, this one is also easier to acquire.      
Mithril scimitar stats: stab bonus: 5 / slash bonus: 21 / strength bonus: 20          
Requirements: 20 attack           
Mithril scimitar can be crafted at level 55 smithing. It can also be bought off the GE, Daga’s Scimitar Smithy, Zeke’s Superior Scimitars, Smithing Smith’s Shop. It can be obtained from the mystery box and is dropped by Vampyre Juvinate.

7. Starter Sword

Starter Sword, Top 10, Best, Scimitars, Old School, RuneScape

Yes, this sword is a scimitar, no, this is not an out of place April Fool’s joke. Despite the name, it actually is considered by the game to be a scimitar. Unlike the previous scimitars, it’s not an upgrade from the last, i.e. mithril scimitar, however, it has no requirements to wield it, which makes it a perfect starter weapon. Besides, it’s a unique weapon and you are sure to stand out of the crowd. A starter sword can be acquired from a melee crate during the seasonal DMM.

6. Adamant Scimitar

Adamant Scimitar, Top 10, Best, Scimitars, Old School, RuneScape

This scimitar stands a whole head (if not more) taller than the previous on the list. With this weapon, you will not only cut through common monsters with ease but also bosses!     
Adamant scimitar stats: stab bonus: 6 / slash bonus: 29 / strength bonus: 28      
Requirements: 30 attack           
Can be crafted with level 75 smithing or simply bought at the GE.

5. Rune Scimitar

Rune Scimitar, Top 10, Best, Scimitars, Old School, RuneScape

This legend of the F2P world requires little introduction. As the best weapon available to F2P, you will often see these used in PvP. Excellent both for XP grind as well as quick taxi service to Lumbridge, rune scimitar is a must upgrade from adamant scimitar.        
Rune scimitar stats: stab bonus: 7 / slash bonus: 45 / strength bonus: 44
Requirements: 40 attack           
Can be crafted at level 90 smithing or bought off the GE.

4. Gilded Scimitar

Gilded Scimitar, Top 10, Best, Scimitars, Old School, RuneScape

A prestigious version of rune scimitar, this golden scimitar has the same stats as the previous one but also screams about the owner’s giant purse. Often used by experienced players to entice people into fighting them on F2P Wilderness, if you see someone with this shiny thing, proceed with caution.          
Cannot be crafted and must be bought from the GE or obtained from Elite or Master level treasure trails. 

3. Cleaver

Cleaver, Top 10, Best, Scimitars, Old School, RuneScape

Once again a weapon with the same stats, but unlike the gilded scimitar, it is an actual upgrade due to reduced weight. Quite easy to get your hands on this one too. Cleaver can be bought from the Culinaromancer’s chest, however, you will need to complete Recipe for Disaster to wield it.

2. Brine Sabre

Brine Sabre, Top 10, Best, Scimitars, Old School, RuneScape

The first weapon on the list to have a special attack, this scimitar does not boast a huge stat increase, however, it‘s still better than continuing to run around with rune scimitar. The special attack is called Liquefy and can only be used underwater to increase your accuracy twofold, attack, and defense levels by 25% at the cost of 75% of your special attack energy.    
Brine sabre stats: stab bonus: 7 / slash bonus: 47 / strength bonus: 46   
Brine saber cannot be crafted and costs a fortune on the GE. It is dropped by brine rats at a 1/512 rate. If you’re a higher level player you can farm this weapon and sell it for profit.      
Requirements: 40 attack

1. Dragon Scimitar

Dragon Scimitar, Top 10, Best, Scimitars, Old School, RuneScape

The one and only, the cream of the crop, the best scimitar in the entire game. Dragon scimitar is an absolute HP pool destroyer and with this weapon in your hand, few shall dare to oppose you. It has a special attack Sever which at the cost of 55% of your special attack energy will increase your accuracy and prevent opponents from using protect spells.          
Dragon scimitar stats: stab bonus: 8 / slash bonus: 67 / strength bonus: 66         
Requirements: 60 attack           
As with every tradeable item, it can be bought at the GE. It‘s a rare drop from Scorpia. Thermonuclear smoke devils and demonic gorillas drop it as well.


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